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Sunday, July 27, 2008

My story - Part 4 – Taking control over my problem.

After my medical tests and their outcomes, I understood that I have to take responsibility over my own life, I understood that the pain I am experiencing is not caused by something that will appear in a X-ray scan. I started trying out everything that might help.

  1. I turned my mobile phone off for good (using it only on grave emergencies).
  2. I tried to keep some distance from other mobile phone user while they were having conversation over it.
  3. I went to see this kinesiology master, who sold me lots of vitamins and nutrition additives (took them all, memory and brain power was improved but the pain was still there).
  4. I bought some of the Qlink devices (still using it today, some small improvement).
  5. I bought and read a book about cellular radiation and EMF, and then contacted the author (I am still communicating with her, she helped a lot).
  6. I bought a High frequency EMF meter (that was one of the most important steps).
  7. I started to measure all my surrounding areas at home and at work and to avoid mobile phone and RF radiation exposure as much as possible.
  8. I bought a Low frequency radiation meter. I did not expect for this meter to have such a big influence over my life. It showed me all the low frequency radiation sources in my house and work place.
  9. I moved, removed and handled all the low frequency radiation sources in my house (realy helped).
  10. I installed high frequency filters on the windows of my house (really helped).
  11. I started seeing an IPEC coacher that helped me deal with the mental side of the sickness.
Today I think steps # 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 were the most effective steps. Today, after taking those measures I can report that when I am not working I have only one or two headaches a week, when I am working I have several each day but most of them are moderat and dont last for long, nothing like the headaches and symptoms I used to have in the past before taking those "caution" measures.

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