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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cell phone, what a wonderful innovation, what a nice gadget!

It has revulsion the way we act, the way we think, the way we communicate and the place we communicate by given us the choice and freedom to do it almost anywhere and anytime we see fit. It has boost our economy and enabled business man to do business, on the way to work, on the lunch brake, when out of the office, on the way to a customer, on the way home and on a vacation. It was very easy to fool in love it; since it solves many problems and can help in saving life (by calling for help). There are also other great things about cell phones and you can read about them all around.

Every child is capable of telling you about the advantages of this device but, for now, there are only few people that can tell you a different side of this story, the sad side of cell phones. This story is about radiation, about studies that shows danger, about pain and sickness, this story is about reading between lines and gathering clues and sub text information. This story is about the future of human race, me and you.

I have stumbled on this information when I was trying to understand what is the cause to my headaches. After few months of constant pain I started searching for information about headaches on the web. Pretty soon I have come across some articles and web pages that explain about a possible link between headaches and cell phone or radiation in general.

2 years later, I can tell you that the knowing and understanding that cell phone and radiation can cause severe health problems together with some basic techniques allowed me to improve my life and to limit the pain. Knowledge and understanding was the fist step to a better life.

Today, I can control my headaches by limiting the time of exposure to cell and other radiation. Today I use radiation meters in order to "see" the radiation and then to limit my exposure to it. Today I use special protection and materials that blocks the radiation. Today I know which home appliances emits radiation and which are safe to use. I hope to share this information with you all.

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