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Saturday, February 25, 2017

MD Yael Stein's and Amir Borenstein's presentations about EHS

During the "WIRELESS RADIATION AND HEALTH" Expert Forum, held in the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem Israel between the 23-26/01/2017, My self and MD Yael Stein presented to the Epidemiology working group.
MD Yael Stain presented the science supporting EHS , and I presented my personal story as an EHS person, the daily challenges and the urgent needs of an EHS person.
It is possible to view the presentations via Environment Health Trust website:
I will try to bring video version of these presentations ASAP. 

Friday, February 24, 2017

Presentations from the "WIRELESS RADIATION AND HEALTH" Expert Forum

Presentations from the "WIRELESS RADIATION AND HEALTH" Expert Forum (press here for my report),  that was organizes by Devra Davis and Charles Greenblatt and that took place in the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem Israel between the 23-26/01/2017 are now available on EHT site -
In the above link you can find info about each and every presentation, the speakers and videos of the presentation.

Bellow is an edited video of the key points of the presentations

Monday, February 13, 2017

GLOBES - ERICSON ISRAEL will supply 200000 smart meters to the electric company

According to GLOBES , ERICSON ISRAEL will supply 200000 smart meters to the Israeli Electric Company to be deployed in 4 cities across Israel. More of these meter will be in PLC technology that passes the information on to the electric wires and can create more dirty electricity.  About 15% of the meters , mainly for businesses , will use cellular modem and will transmit a total of 15 minutes per 24 hours (probably spread over the 24 hours, few seconds every couple of minutes).
In the article it is noted that this wider pilot come after a smaller pilot in Benyamina and Givat Ada that raised some rejections from the public over radiation, extra billing, security and privacy issues.

Hebrew -

Friday, February 10, 2017

Rubin's study on Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity - Detailed & criticizing analysts

Few years back I wrote a criticizing post about the faulty study of PhD James Rubin about EHS .
Following the last few days (shaming of an Israeli EHS person and an Interview given by a researcher on BBC Sussex radio who claimed EHS is not related to exposure) I wrote an additional post regarding this study -

Tonight (09/02/2017), following a Facebook conversation with an EHS person, I found the time to create a detailed analysts of this study, the methods used, the results and finding an the conclusions. I  hope that those of you who read it will find it logical and will be able to better argue the case for EHS recognition and will understand what is so wrong with Rubin study and conclusions.

Key points in the study:
  1. 3 types of exposures were done in this study
    a. to a GSM signal
    b. to a continues wave emitted from the device antenna.
    c. to a continues wave redirected to internal load in the device.
    The last was suppose to be a "sham exposure" but was actually exposure to Extreme Low Frequency and Mid Frequency electric and magnetic field in addition to some RF emission that was still present, at smaller level than the GSM or continues exposure but still an exposure.  The sham exposure was actually "Partial" or "lower" exposure.
  2. Every exposure was for 50 minutes.
    This is a long enough time for most mid and high severity EHS people to react with pains to the ELF + mid frequencies + lower RF exposure that was emitted from the device during what was supposed to be the "Sham exposure". 
  3. Before and after every exposure,  a 30 minute of adjustment and rest period was applied. During that time the subjects were asked to answer questions, give info and fill in questioners. After the exposure was done, they were asked about the symptoms and their experience during the exposure.
  4.  In this study 83 EHS people, and 69 non-EHS people took part .
  5. Out of which, 71 EHS people and 60 non-EHS people appeared for the first exposure test.
  6. Out of which 60 of each group concluded all the 3 exposure. 
Result Summary:
  1. Post analysis of the reports of headaches ( a main & frequent symptom in EHS people) showed that the pain increased during all 3 types of exposures, as the time of exposure grew longer, and decreased after the exposure ended.
    The headaches were stronger (a lot stronger) in the EHS group, but a slight increase during exposure was also seen in the control group of non-EHS people.
    In the following figure, out of the study, the trend clearly appears:
    כאבי ראש לפי החשיפה בתלות בזמן החשיפה ולפי קבוצות
  2. When you look at the graph that shows the headache servery over time per participant, it is also clearly seen that the EHS people suffers a lot more in every exposureכאבי ראש כתלות בחשיפה, רגישים מול בקרה
  3. 26 cases of  sever reaction were noticed only in the EHS group:
    9 subjects withdraw from the study entirely after an exposure.
    17 asked for early termination of the exposure.
    In the control group there were no such cases of withdraw or early termination. 
  4. Out of these 26 cases
    7 were after the GSM exposure.
    10 after the continues wave.
    9 after what was supposed to be the "sham exposure" (which was more of a "partial exposure" to ELF+Mid Frequencis and "low exposure" to RF). 
  5. Out of the people who withdraw , 4 did not say why.
  6. The next day after the exposure the subjects were asked about the "day after symptoms" .
  7. In the control group 0 out of 41 reported symptoms the next day after the GSM exposure,
    2 after the continues wave exposure,
    4 after what was supposed to be a sham exposure.
    In the EHS people group, 5 out of 49 reported symptoms the next day after GSM exposure,
    8 after the continues wave exposure (out of 49),
    4 after the faulty sham exposure (out of 49 that were asked).
  8. The subjects were ask if the think there was a transmission after each exposure.
    After the GSM exposure 63% of the EHS reported a transmission, compared to 58% in the control group.
    After the continues wave exposure 68% of the EHS reported a transmission, compared to 70% in the control group.
    After the faulty sham exposure(which was actually partial and lower exposure) 63% of the EHS reported a transmission, compared to 68% in the control group.
    To the full summary please see the table at -

My conclusions about the study and the results:

  1. The supposed to be "sham exposure" was not a "no radiation exposure". It was more of a "partial exposure" to ELF and mid Frequency electric and magnetic fields and a "lower exposure" to RF. Since the time of exposure  was long (50 minutes) it is only very logical that mid level and high level EHS will develop symptoms during the faulty sham exposure. 
  2. The "faulty sham exposure" is a basic technical mistake in the study, causing it's analysis and conclusion to have no real value.
    The assumption that the sham exposure was with not radiation was faulty.
    The researchers field to understand or notice the error in their study and concluded that the subjects reacted to a no radiation exposure when in fact there were reacting to a "partial" or "lower" exposure. 
  3. As in other faulty studies in this field, it is still possible to look at the data and results accumulated in the study and learn few things from them:
    1. Most EHS people withdraw from the study, or asked for an early termination because of symptoms, compered with the controlled group of non-EHS.
    2.  EHS subjects reacted with more sever headaches to the exposures.
    3. Both in the EHS and non-EHS groups, the severity of the headaches increased as the time of exposure prolong and decreased after it was ended (but in the EHS group the headaches were much sever). 
    4. In the EHS group there were more reports about headaches and symptoms in the day after the exposure. 
    5. Both in the EHS group and the non-EHS group, most of the subjects were able to identify the exposures (noticing the "sham exposure" was not relay a sham exposure). 
  4. When reading the study and the results in critique read and when understanding that the supposed to be sham exposure was not sham but actually a real exposure ( more of a "partial" or "lower" exposure ) it is easy to understand that the study results actually show that EHS people reacted more severity to the exposure (than the non-EHS people) and that the main symptom of an headache was caused and elevated by exposure to different types of radiation.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

What is the base for the wrong conception that EHS as a psychosomatic issue

The following text was written by me after a post by noa, an EHS person from Israel, that told us that people laughed at her after she told them she was an EHS person and told here that EHS is a psychosomatic issue.

The wrong conception that EHS as a psychosomatic issue is driven from a comment that PhD James Rubin entered to his problematic study about EHS people. In this study he exposed the subjects to several types or radiation even when there was supposed to be no radiation (sham exposure). When they reacted(most subjects reacted , not just EHS people) he then wrongly concluded that the cause was the fear from the device used and not the radiation exposure, which I remind you was not zero.
Now his study was adopted by industry and the WHO and the comment become the consensus. The study got lots of PR and Rubin continue to publish article on this subject. To my knowledge he still does not acknowledge what he did wrong, or refusing to do so as he based his carrier on the disproving of EHS.
We EHS are suffering daily from many types of EMF, and in addition form the misconception created by Rubin and his followers. PhD James Rubin's study on EHS hurts EHS people around the world every day.

This is the text from the study:
Headache severity increased during exposure and decreased immediately afterwards. However, no strong evidence was found of any difference between the conditions in terms of symptom severity. Nor did evidence of any differential effect of condition between the two groups exist. The proportion of sensitive participants who believed a signal was present during GSM exposure (60%) was similar to the proportion who believed one was present during sham exposure (63%).
No evidence was found to indicate that people with self reported sensitivity to mobile phone signals are able to detect such signals or that they react to them with increased symptom severity. As sham exposure was sufficient to trigger severe symptoms in some participants, psychological factors may have an important role in causing this condition. "

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Activity Summary Report - 01/2017 - "No Radiation For you" -

Activity Summary Report 01/2017

"No Radiation For you"

Hello readers, activists and EHS people.
Please see below the summary report of my activities in the sites and blogs I manage in the fields or EMF and EHS.

Main events in last month

  1. A CONFERENCE ON RESEARCH AND POLICY NEEDS FOR ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH was held this month at the Israel Institute of Advanced Studies in the Hebrew university in Jerusalem. The conference was led by Devra Davis from the EHT. I took part in this conference and wrote several posts about it:

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  1. WIFI is back to classes in Haifa (Israel) -   

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Statistics :

01/2017- 5227 visits, 7571 pageviews

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This site offers special items for EHS people that will enable them to improve their quality of life.

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The End!
Thanks for reading and see you next time!
Amir Borenstein

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Seminar regarding radiation from cell phone and wireless devices - Devra Davis - TAU - 02-2017

Yesterday, the 02 Feb 2017, a seminar was held in Tel Aviv University, with PhD Dick Morganstern & PhD Devra Davis.  PhD Devra Davis talked and presented about the radiation from cell phone and wireless devices, during which she summaries the convention held last week in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. PhD Dick Morganstern talked about the future expectation and changes in environmental policy coming with the administration in the USA (Tramp).

Following are pictures from PhD Devra Davis presentation:
In the next few days we will upload also videos.

  PhD Alon Tal hosting PhD Dick Morganstern & PhD Devra Davis

PhD Dick Morganstern talking to the audience. 

 Aspects of RF radiation

Power of Signal Fluctuates During a Phone Call

 1996 Standards for Cell Phones Based on Outdated Assumptions

 Repeated calls for research on infants, toddlers, young children, pregnancy
(amirb remark - while the products and exposure is already out there)

Summering the Wireless radiation and health work groups

 Partial Results of NTP Carcinogenicity Studies of Cell Phone Radio-frequency

WIFI Tablet radiation into 6 year old child

 Microwave Radiation into the 6 Year Old Child from Virtual Reality Simulations

   Mobile Phone in Pocket Dose to Gonads and Bone Marrow

 Summering the Wireless radiation and health work groups

 Summering the Wireless radiation and health work groups

 Medical Uses of Modeling

RF Damages Human Sperm

 Increased risk of gliomas and meningiomas with heaviest 
cell phone users in gFrench study (2014)

 Corrigendum to “Inferring the 1985–2014 impact of mobile phone use on selected brain cancer subtypes using Bayesian structural time series and synthetic controls”

1985–2014 annual number of newly registered cases of
 malignant glioma and glioblastoma multiforme

 Physiological and Psychological Effects of High Exposure to Digital Media

Multi-media efforts to promote public and health
professional understanding of wireless radiation

 Public Service Announcements from EHT

 WiFi deployment in schools

 The Precautionary Principle:
1. Avoid activities that may lead to harm
2. The decision maker is responsible for any harm caused
3. Lack of scientific evidence doesn’t justify taking risks

 Several Commercial Insurance Firms Exclude Damages from EMF

 "The world is not dangerous because of those who do harm but because of those who look at it without doing anything." - Albert Einstein

Thursday, February 2, 2017

New Video - LTE-4G vs UMTS/WCDMA-3G - 2017

A Video showing RF levels emitted from LTE-4G vs UMTS/WCDMA-3G on the same mobile phone.

In 2014 we did a video about the RF levels in LTE/4G mode vs UMTS/WCDMA 3G mode.  The measurements then showed that in LTE mode the phone emitted much more RF radiation. This video is a remake , with similar results.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

"WIRELESS RADIATION AND HEALTH" Expert Forum - January 2017 (Preliminary post)

This passing week I took part in the "WIRELESS RADIATION AND HEALTH" Export Forum on Environmental Health Research and Policy Priorities, that was organizes by Devra Davis and Charles Greenblatt and that took place in the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem Israel between the 23-26/01/2017.

The forum included presentations, talks and working groups (Basic science, Epidemiology, Measuring and assessments and Policy making) . leading scientist, academics, engineers, medical doctors, and government officials from several countries (Israel, USA, UK, Brazil, Argentina, Switzerland, Italy, Cyprus) took part.

The presentations and talks were mainly about the biological effect of RF and non ionizing radiation, several new studies and finding were presented, new ways and techniques for Radiation simulation, safety standards and testing. The questions that was asked again and again was: "do we know enough?" and "What should we do next?". It appears that the majority agreed that we do know that there are biological effects, that children are the most vulnerable,  that the currant safety standard that are based on heat effect only are not sufficient. In addition it seems to me that the general view was that we do know enough to act now and that the current definition of RF radiation as a "possible carcinogen" should be update to "probable carcinogen". Several voices called to move from the precautionary approach to prevention.

I had the privilege to present a short presentation about my EHS Story , EHS people limitation and needs in front the Epidemiology working group.
In this conversion I meet many interesting people both from Israel and from around the world. I had the pleasure of meeting academics and scientists from Israel, USA, UK, Cyprus, Engineers from Brazil and Switzerland and of course Devra Davis and her hard working and promising staff Thoedora and Sarina.  I would like to thank the organizers for this opportunity to take part in such an event, as an EHS person I can say it was not easy but I think that it was a privilege and very fruitful.

Update 25/02/2017 - video and presentations are now available on the EHT site at - 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

An international conference on EMF and possible health risk in ISRAEL

The CONFERENCE ON RESEARCH AND POLICY NEEDS FOR ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH was launched today at the Israel Institute of Advanced Studies in the Hebrew university in Jerusalem.
The conference is going to take place in the next 3 days. There are going to be both presentations and working groups. The opening preview presentations shown tonight were very interesting and I hope I will be able to participate in all the following days.

More info -
Update 25/02/2017 - video and presentations are now available on the EHT site at -