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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Maya Elhalal - Founder, CEO, Entrepreneur and one of the leading high-tech women in Israel is telling here EHS story

Maya Elhalal - Founder, CEO, Entrepreneur and one of the leading high-tech women in Israel came out the electric closet this week with her Hebrew-English post over Facebook.

Maya knocked on my door about half a year ago. Maya is a leading technologic woman, Founder, CEO, Entrepreneur and a consultant in health- longevity field. She then came to an EHS support meeting. In this meeting, she talked about here symptoms that appear when using smartphone and other wireless devices. She told me about her life that was put to a hold and about here understanding that the symptoms she endures are caused from exposure to EMF radiation, mainly but not only, RF.
I Then started with a preview to handling EHS 1on1. I explained about types of EMF, about measuring EMF, reducing exposure and protection. In addition, we talked about ways to handle EHS, about science and public activism for EHS and EMF health effect acknowledgment.

Maya promised that when she will land back on her feet, she will do whatever she can to support the fight for EHS acknowledgment.

Maya then started to learn about EMF, to measure it, to reduce exposure and to use RF protection. Maya found a new house that was low RF and she then set it up according to the best practices of a low EMF house using only wired technologies.  Slowly Maya got back in control of her life and her EHS condition. Her learning curve was very stip and the results were fast to come. Maya started to feel better and is now coming forward to help others!

On the 15/11/2018 Maya talked in front of the internal affairs and environmental protection committee in the Knesset (Israel Parlament) regarding the mass EHS case in ORT HOLON where a cellphone mast was installed 20 meters from the school, and about 600 students developed EHS symptoms.
Video in Hebrew -

A Few days later on the 19/11/2018 she appeared on a TV morning show
video in Hebrew -

Om Saturday 1/12/2018 see published the Facebook post (Hebrew and English) that up to now was shared more than 238 times and had 360 comments (not all were supportive).

On the 2/12/2018 the post was covered in MAKO website -

And on the 6/12/2018 she was interviewed about the post, about EHS and cooping with it in "NEXT" TV show in "MAKO" TV.
Video in Hebrew -

In the picture - Maya in NEXT TV show on MAKO TV.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Progress or Spin in ORT HOLON - The 3 antenna panels that were facing the school were removed - RFR level still high!

Last week the 3 antenna panels that were facing the school were removed.
RF measurements done by the parents in the school and a monitoring equipment on the roof show the levels of RFR were cut (by about 50%) but are still high.
The level is too high for students that already developed symptoms and are more sensitive.
In addition, they are not low enough for the temp protection that was installed to be removed.
I explained to the parents that the levels will stay high because of side and back lobes and also reflections from the building next by since there are still active panels which are not facing the school. I told the parents to expect kids that got sick, to continue to suffer from symptoms.
Although the strick is over at this point in time, the parents told me that they will continue to fight for the removal of all the mast in other means.

In the picture below - the mast next to the school

The removal of the 3 panels

The transmitters room

RFR levels before the removal, when the mast was turned off and after the removal

Thursday, November 22, 2018

The science and technology committee in the Israel parliament (KNESSET) meeting about "the careless deployment of 5G"

Yesterday, the 20/11/2018, together with Prof' Ben Ishay, MD Yael Stain, Itamar Wagner, Batzion Shlomi, Shay Danon, Adit Aaron, I attended a meeting about the "the careless deployment of 5G".

The meeting was called by KM(Knesset Member) Yael Cohen Pharan and lead by KM Uri Makleb.

The video from the meeting is in Hebrew available in the following link, and bellow -

I talked at around 1:32:09 
My Main points were:
1.  As far as EHS being Nocebo effect, this wrong assumption is based on faulty studies that exposure EHS people to several types of EMF even where there was not supposed to be any exposure, and on studies that exposed EHS people again and again without enough resting time between exposures. 

2. As far as the saying that "more cell towers lower the radiation", yes they do so for the radiation from the cell phone but they add environmental radiation which is not measured correctly and not taking into account because it is lower than the so-called safety standards.  

3. I explained that most of the people that come to me for help have no idea of what radiation is, how when and from what it is being transmitted and how cellphone tower looks like. So this also roll out nocebo effect. 

4. It is possible to reduce exposure in simple steps and it is easy to set up the phone to radiate in lower levels, for less of the time.

5. My main point was that EHS people are being ignored and no one count or calculate the economic toll of their condition in the total economic calculation of deploying and using cellular and wireless technologies. 


KM Uri Makleb. 00:00
MK Yael Cohen Pharan - 04:14 

Adit Aaron - 12:30 - talked about her experience with symptoms of EMF exposure, then cooping with brain cancer and then becoming an activist trying to help others.
Itamar Wagner - 27:30 - talked about the activities against cellphone antennas and about the danger of exposure to RFR. 
Md Yael Stain -  32:50  - Talked about EHS, EMF health risk, and effect, about the other voices that say "all is good" and about her medical and scientific history in this field. 

Prof Paol Benishay -  1:14:25 - Talked about his findings (in his study of 5G mm-wave frequencies) , about EMF health effect and EHS.
Amir Borenstein -  1:32:09  - Please see above.

Shay Danon - 1:52:20  - Talked about moving to the far north part of Israel to avoid the radiation, living in a low EMF house, and about our obligation to do the right thing for the sake of our children. 

Batzion Shlomy - 1:56:21 - Talked about not using cell phones and wireless devices, about refusing a water smart meter and getting fines. Batzion continued to describe her communication with Prof' Sigal Sedesky about the health risk of RF radiation and cellphone in particular. 

Friday, November 16, 2018

Knesset (Israel Parliament) committee meeting about the cell tower next to ORT HOLON - "Remove the antennas tomorrow morning"

Yesterday I attended the Knesset (Israel Parliament) committee meeting about the cell tower next to ORT HOLON.
In the meeting, the problem of the cell tower next to the ORT HOLON school was presented and diseased.  The parents presented their case and talked about the suffering of the kids in school. Both the parents of the late Itai Peretz talked about this griff and about the symptoms Itai (my his soul rest in peace) suffered from before he got sick, with leukemia.
In the meeting, Maya Elhalal, e leading Israeli high-tech interposure and consultant to the ministry of health talked about his EHS condition in support of the parents of ORT Holon and the kids. She argued that the science today already inform us that EMF radiation causes biological effect well under the so-called safety standards limits and that we can do better than what we did about smoking and asbestos, and lead.
The represented of the cell phone forum (PR body of the cell phone companies) was willing to dismantle the 3 antenna panels that face the school but said that the rest of the tower have to stay and this will be done only if the parents will stop their protest and strick.
The head of the committee summaries the meeting and said the committee will send a letter to the cell phone companies to dismantle the 3 panels addressing the school "tomorrow morning" (meaning very soon) as a first step while they should start the relocation process of the remaining cell phone tower.

About the meeting (Google translator) MARIV -

Meeting videos (in Hebrew) -

Closing summaries by the chairman (Hebrew) -

Maya Elhalal (Hebrew) -

Picture - from the meeting

Sunday, November 11, 2018

The authority try to calm the parents of students in ORT HOLON after feeling radiation sickness symptoms

Last week there was a meeting between representatives of the Environmental Protection Ministry, The city municipality,  the school management, ORT schools network management in Israel , and the parents of students in the ORT HOLON school.
About 20 years ago, a cell tower was erected next to the school (20 meter from it). This year the parents finally noticed that their kids suffer from headaches, nausea, fatigue and other radiation sickness symptoms.  Last year one of the students in this school died from cancer.  The parents went on a struggle to take the tower done and they are on a two month strike in order to achieve that.
Please read more about it at this post -
I saw few parts of the meeting on videos and was sorry to see that all the official representatives were addressing only the quick return of the kids to school and not the removal of the antenna. The ministry representative, Prof Gelberg told the parents all kind of technical stuff that were not accurate and very simplified and somewhat misleading, like for example that he prefer cellphone towers on public buildings and that bellow and above the main lobe of the antenna there is no radiation (neglecting side lower/higher beams - see picture below). He also argued that the ministry is responsible only to the radiation and measurement side of the antenna, forgetting to note that the standards used are based on heat only and are not protective of humans, that the measurements are done by slow meters and therefor give partial results. I saw the municipality representative saying they can't do anything to help, that the tests are OK and the antenna have all the documentation (other municipalities helped in the past by finding problems in the structure or the infrastructure around the antenna and demanding it to be remove on that ground). Then the representative of ORT said that all they want is the return of the kids to school in the quickest and best way (but what about the kids that are already sick and the kids that will be sick from the radiation? ).

During the meeting there was a protest outside the school.

There is going to be a meeting in the Israeli parliament this week (15/11/2018) about this issue. In the meeting we expect to hear the same "not my responsibility" talks, but we hope to say the truth: Standards are high and non-protective, measurements are not done adequately, people are getting sick and everyone else just want to continue with their daily rothin.

Links (Google translated, the original is in hebrew):

Picture of the school building and the antenna in the background - Photography Avshalom Shoshani

In the picture bellow - the way antenna lobs are transmitted from the antenna

Friday, November 2, 2018

International call for revoking the ICNIRP's mandate and for better standards

A call for better protective standards , revoking the mandate of ICNIRP is made by more than 244 scientists from around the world after ICNIRP ports it's draft for updates on it's Radiofrequency so called safety standards (a quick look reveals nothing is changed, the standards are still note protective of humans , protective of the industry and are based only on heat effect of the radiation).

The letter will be send to the WHO - World Health Organisation.

The letter is avilable at -
Scientists and NGO can join in and ask their names to be added to the call.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

about 60% of the students in ORT HOLON are suffering from RF Radiation sickness due to a cell tower 20 meters from the school!

According to videos and publications done by the parents of this school students (ages 12-18), it seems that about 60% of the students already suffer from headache, nausea and other symptoms of RF Radiation Sickness.
RF Radiation test reports shows average levels of up to 6uW/cm2 in the school.
The parents started a stick.
The City of Holon offered to install Temp RF protection on the windows of the classes that face the antenna. It seems that it brought a 90% reduction in RF levels.

This is possible because the high non-protective RF so called safety standards that allow up to 400-1000 uW/cm2. This is because of the ministry of environment protection policy to comply with ICNIRP standards.  Until RF safety standards will be based on Biological damage and health effect of RFR, we will see this happen again and again all over the world.

Videos from the parents protest in front of the school.
The videos are in Hebrew but you can hear the parents shouting slogans to remove the tower and the kids symptoms.

Empty classes because of the stick -

In the picture - The video from one of the classes (source facebook group)

In the picture - a poster made by the parents - Translation:
"Saying No! to the cellular radiation in Ort Holon.
The Health of our children is not a toy!
Join our fight" 

Thursday, October 25, 2018

ICNIRP's updated standards - more of the same industry protecting heat based standards.

ICNIRP posted it's draft of updated standards (Radiofrequency so called safety standards).
A quick look reveals nothing is changed, the standards are still note protective of humans , very protective of the industry and are based only on heat effect of the radiation.

Link to the standards draft page -

Saturday, October 20, 2018

5G is coming (to Israel TV and PR reports)

It is still unclear when, how, where, but 5G is coming to Israel.
The first sign is a booming in 5G PR articles in local news.
for example  (all in hebrew),7340,L-3733641,00.html

One exception was a TV report aired in Israeli Ch10 last week. This report review the technology, but also gave some info about the possible health risk of the cellular technology. In the report Adit Aaron, who believes here head tumor was caused by cell phone use, PhD Yael Stain, and Prof Ben Ishai were interviewed. A video of Adit during here third head surgery saying that her tumor was caused by cell phone use and that she is worried about the future of the children was included. PhD Yael Stain talked about the health effect of RF while Prof Ben Yishai talked about the findings of his study RF radiation with 5G frequency.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

a Cell phone tower next to a school in Israel caused headaches

A Cell tower, that was erected about 10 years ago in front of a school  in The Israeli city of Holon, caused headaches and other symptoms in students. The parents went on a stick and the students did not attend the school in the past few weeks.

Now an agreement was signed between the city, parents and the ministry of education to install RF Blocking nets over the walls and to band the use of cellphones in the classes.
In addition a RF monitoring station would be installed in the school, but it's measurement is expected to be partial and most likely will be used to calm the public as the level will always be below the standards (which are based only on thermal damage to the tissue and not on biological or health damage).

The story was reported in the local newspaper of 'Hasikma Holon'.
I hope that this is just the first step and that the tower will be completely removed.
There is no place for cell tower near building and houses.
This is yet another example where the radiation from a cell phone tower caused health effects in kids. I hope this would be a lesson for those call for more cellphone towers in order to reduce the radiation levels from the phones, on the expense of 24X7 full body exposure, in multi frequencies that will rise.

""בגלל השביתה, לא התחלנו ללמוד השנה, אנחנו נמצאים בפיגור בלימודים, סובלים מכאבי ראש בגלל האנטנה והמורים מאיימים לפגוע בציונים שלנו"."
"Because of the strick, we did not start to learn this year, we are behind the learning program, we suffer from headaches because of the antenna,  and the teachers are threatening to  reduce our grades"
Link to Hebrew report -

More links to the article in Hebrew: