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Friday, May 25, 2012

Knesset public committee amazed by an admission of the power company engineer

This post was written (translated) by a EMR activist in Israel (she asked to stay unnamed).

Knesset public committee amazed by an admission of the power company engineer 

A power company's engineer of hazards prevention unit, Dr. Ben Zion Cohen: "not all the populations are aware of the risk of radiation from high voltage powerlines, but why wake the bears from lying down?" Place: in a discussion with the Knesset public complaints committee with MP David Azulai, Ben Zion Cohen amazed the committee members. The subject of the meeting was the fight of residents to transfer high voltage power line in Bnei Brack, a fight that lasts for years.

Committee chairman: "the company cannot ignore its responsibility for risks"

Knesset Spokesman notice on the Knesset's website: 
Amazement among the members of the public complaints Knesset committee, on Wednesday, following the admission of an environment quality engineer in the power company. 

A year ago a resident of Bnei Brack, approached to the committee in order to get help, regarding high voltage powerline near his house. He funded a radiation check which revealed higher levels than the standard of the environment ministry. 
Committee chairman: it is impossible that a resident will be exposed to continuing risk because of an argument between the municipality and the power company about funding the transfer of high voltage powerline. 

David Azulai, the chairman, approached the mayor of Bnei Brack and to the power company executive in order that they find the way to transfer the powerline from the street. Azulai informed that he would approach the health ministry in order to check whether there exists policy on the subject of high voltage powerlines in populations centers. In the discussion it turned out that the cost to 
transfer the high voltage powerlines is between 400,000- 500,000 shekels. 

Knesset member Uri Makleb: dozens of families suffer from the radiation. These are people who pay taxes and it is impossible that the authorities risk their health. 

Knesset member Israel Ichler: The power company invests billions in infrastructures, they must transfer the powerlines by law. In the city of Manchester, UK, there was a case of parents who died following similar exposure to radiation and the local power company must pay money to the children for all their lives 

Manager of the environment quality unit of Bnei Brack's municipality, Moti Vilovski: The municipality gave twice a special area to transfer transformer in the street but the company avoided doing it.

Manager of the national marketing branch in the power company, Zvi Segev: according to 2002 law, the company is committed that all the network and the distribution in populated areas will be under the ground. Experts committee forced the company to give 8-10 billion shekels every year to bury the infrastructure in the ground in order to diminish the phenomenon of magnetic fields, in addition there was determined priorities order, in the head of the list are schools and kindergardens. 

Power company engineer in the unit of hazards prevention and environment license, Dr. Ben Zion Cohen: the company gave the env. ministry the list of installations in the country and radiation check for which the env. ministry is responsible for. Every citizen can file a request to transfer the line and the company checks the issue. The norm in the country enables several milligaus, which is true in the case of Reines stress in Bnei Brack. Not all the populations are aware of the risk of radiation, but why wake the bears of their lying down? already above 30 years there has been not proven an undoubted risk. Maybe yes maybe not. Whoever wants can enter into the website of the company and see if he is in the area or not.

Knesset spokesman press release:

"The power company builds on the lack of awareness and rejects transfer of high voltage power lines from populated areas"  (hebrew) 

Globes article (Hebrew)

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