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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

a Cell phone tower next to a school in Israel caused headaches

A Cell tower, that was erected about 10 years ago in front of a school  in The Israeli city of Holon, caused headaches and other symptoms in students. The parents went on a stick and the students did not attend the school in the past few weeks.

Now an agreement was signed between the city, parents and the ministry of education to install RF Blocking nets over the walls and to band the use of cellphones in the classes.
In addition a RF monitoring station would be installed in the school, but it's measurement is expected to be partial and most likely will be used to calm the public as the level will always be below the standards (which are based only on thermal damage to the tissue and not on biological or health damage).

The story was reported in the local newspaper of 'Hasikma Holon'.
I hope that this is just the first step and that the tower will be completely removed.
There is no place for cell tower near building and houses.
This is yet another example where the radiation from a cell phone tower caused health effects in kids. I hope this would be a lesson for those call for more cellphone towers in order to reduce the radiation levels from the phones, on the expense of 24X7 full body exposure, in multi frequencies that will rise.

""בגלל השביתה, לא התחלנו ללמוד השנה, אנחנו נמצאים בפיגור בלימודים, סובלים מכאבי ראש בגלל האנטנה והמורים מאיימים לפגוע בציונים שלנו"."
"Because of the strick, we did not start to learn this year, we are behind the learning program, we suffer from headaches because of the antenna,  and the teachers are threatening to  reduce our grades"
Link to Hebrew report -

More links to the article in Hebrew:

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

ICNIRP does it again - rejecting the finding of NTP and Ramzini studies that RF radiation may cause and promote cancer

The ICNIRP does it again - rejecting the finding of NTP and Ramzini studies that RF radiation may cause and promote cancer.

Microwave news report that ICNIRP has released a 8 pages note that try to explain why these studies' findings will not effect the old, non protective standard for RF exposure.
By that ICNIRP prove once again that the role it chose to play is to protect the industry from any update of the easy to follow, non protective RF exposure guidelines. These non protective guidelines were written in 1998, that don't cover health and biological damage from RF exposure and that take into consideration only immediate damage from the rise of temperature due to RF exposure.

The trick they use is repeated every once in a while when a new study find evidence that RF radiation exposure can cause or promote cancer or damage health in any other way.
They use the magic words : "inconsistent" and " unreliable"  to undermine the findings while accepting and promoting studies that show a safer picture, even if  provem worn (for example the Danish cohort study)

ICNIRP prove it self once again as the inadequate, baise  and irrelevant.

Therefore I suggest to change "ICNIRP" name to "ICNIRIP".
It is a small change that will bring more "reliability" to the group.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Free view - The movie "TAKE BACK YOUR POWER", version 2017

The movie "TAKE BACK YOUR POWER", version 2017 is now available for free view on youtube!
The movie (83 minutes) describe the deployment of RF emitting, so called, smart meters in Smart Mesh technology that were deployed since 2010 in the USA, Canada, an Australia. This deployment caused many people to become Electromagnetic Hypersensitive and to have their health declined. 

Watch the movie on Youtube  -

Monday, August 13, 2018

EHS Character on Israeli TV Series for kids and yought

New Israel cable youth TV series named "Eilat" has a EHS (Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity) caracter.
The show will air today on "HOT VOD YOUNG". 
The character is named "carny shahar"  and being act by Mica Zur. She is presented as the only child in Israel that is sick with a rare disease that cause here to be insulated from any kind of radiation and electric. She lives with her family in a remote farm in the Eilat mountains. The character is explained to be  the only child in Israel without a smartphone and to be "left behind". 

This is only a TV show for kids, and most likely the presentation of EHS will not be the best, but in this stage I guess any publicity is a good publicity. This show might lead to more people understanding they are EHS and for wired acknowledgment of the condition by kids and parents.

Info in Hebrew:

The scene in which the character is seen for the first time, out of the first episode:

Friday, July 20, 2018

3 campaigns, about health and privacy, from the governments of israel that are long overdue

A new campaign about "privacy" was launched by the "authority of privacy protection" in the ministry of Justice in Israel. The campaign seems to tray and bring awareness to the privacy issues in using a smartphone and network devices.

The following video is in Hebrew and describes how personal info is shared by a person on the web using her smartphone, and also harvested from the smart phone without knowingly sharing it. Then the person get advertising messages and offers according to here use and info.

The new Privacy commercial:

I think that the new campaign is a step in the right way and hope it will make a difference.
Few months ago the ministry of health launched a campaign about healthy and unhealthy food, but it was partially taken down (from TV commercials, still available on youtube) for being "too successful".

The video of the "healthy and not healthy food" about Sugar consumption.

The video of the "healthy and not healthy food" about Salt consumption. 

I Just hope that in the new future a new campaign like these 2 will be launched about radiation exposure from smart phones and wireless devices.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

5G might radiate more than the non protective exposure standards.

A post in Lennart Hardell's blog about a presentation given by ericsson about the "challenge in meeting safety standards during 5G deployment".
In it's presentation (link in the post), ericsson gives an estimation of the radiation emission from 2 of it's infrastructure products (antenna), one at 3.5GHz, the other a 28GHz. 
Ericsson claim that the current ICNIRP (non protective, heat based, good for industry ) standards are going to make the deployment difficult. 
I am afraid that now the industry will put pressure to allow even less protective standards to comply with the need for faster, cheaper, easier deployment of 5G.
It is very sad that industry still think it can save money by exposing the public to more radiation, instead of developing their products and infrastructure in such a way that will reduce users and public's exposure.

Hardell's post -

Presentation -

Thursday, June 7, 2018

The New ENV RD-10 EMF meter + videos

Few years back Yair from envirosense accepted a list of needs from me for a new meter. I wanted a new EMF meter that would be very easy to operate, will not cost much, will allow the use to "see" RFR/ ELF magnetic and ELF electric field, will have an alert mode and will be very very small so you can take it in your pocket.
In addition I said that it would be nice if you can also connect it to a PC and use with a monitoring program.
Yair added few features, for example the rechargeable battery, and started working on it.
The outcome is the RD-10 RF/ELFm/ELFe meter.
You can use it as an handheld EMF detector, or connect it to a PC or android for monitoring needs (using the cable and software application that comes with).
When I was given the second prototype for QA testing, I could not believe my eyes. It had all that I wanted and more. It was easy to use and "showed" the radiation. It was very fast and I could not feel it in my pocket. It allowed me to better identify EMF sources and people with smart phones (that emit RF most of the time) during the day. I found it also very good for explanations and demos as it is very easy to read, even if you are not an EMF profesional.

The meter is available on my store site  - , starting at US$139.9

Please see videos bellow:

ENV RD-10  Unboxing and Presentation 

Friday, May 11, 2018

I just saw "Generation Zapped" documentary, and I liked it!

Today I watched the "Generation Zapped" documentary, together with 3 other Activist/EHS people here in Israel.
It took us about 8 hours to watch the 74 minutes movie, as we paused and talked, changed views and added knowledge and information about the subjects that were brought up in the movie.
I like the wide view of the movie while also covering EHS.
I believe that EHS has a key role in the campaign of awareness for safer communication, better standards, acknowledgment of the risk, damage and of people who got hurt, as it prove that there is an  effect of EMF radiation, even in small levels.

I recommend to watch it.

Preview of " Generation Zapped "  -

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

A request to a representative action because of high ELF magnetic fields in Hybrid cars

According to YNET , Israeli leadling news site, a request to a representative action was filled to the court against the importers or KIA Niro and Hyundai Ioniq because of high ELF magnetic fields levels that were measured in the car. The Importers replay is "all within standards".

I tested several cars in the past and saw that high ELF magnetic fields appear in hybrid and no hybrid cars and that is best to test before you decide which on to buy.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

RF Radiation from xBox game console

In the past I did several video about RF radiation emitted from PS3 and PS2.
I also did a video on "Wii" .
Now I have a new video on Xbox emitting RF radiation on standby mode.
This device emit RF radiation 24X7.
These devices are very often are kept in bedrooms of kids.
If you use it, I suggest to turn the WIFI off and disconnect it from power while not using.