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Saturday, October 10, 2020

It seems that Dr James Rudin will be awarded OBE (Order of the British Empire)!

 Dr James Rudin will be awarded OBE (Order of the British Empire)!

Dr. James Rubin should be discredited by all for the mistakes made in his experiments...exposing people to RF and ELF fields when there should not be any exposure at all, and then saying their reaction is the 'Nocebo Effect'. His real achievement is to manage to make us all look like fools, both EHS people and scientists who accept his work as valid. About his study

In the picture - the device used by Rubin in his study, exposing subjects to both RF and ELF fields(electric and magnetic) symptoms even in when there should be no exposure cause symptoms in the subjects. He then concluded it was the nocebo effect.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy 2020! We are moving!!!

Hello All readers!
Happy 2020!
We are now officially moving to our new site and the new blog in it
Please see -

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Ministry of Education in Israel issues the formal instructions to end the use of mobile phones in elementary schools

Few months ago we reported that the ministry of education is about to ban the use mobile phones in elementary schools in Israel. Today we are happy to report that the formal instructions have been issued to the schools and to the press.

The news were published in Israel main news sites:

The instructions in general lines:
1. The use of mobile phones in schools, classes and recess will not be allowed.
2. The phones should be turned off and insert in to the bag.
3. Digital learning will be done using the schools' computers.
4. Kids will be allowed to use the phones to coordinate pickups and drop offs, before entering and exiting the school.

I would like to congratulate the Minister of education, Rabi Rafi Peretz, and the activist and parents that contributed to this, around Israel.

I am sure this move just made our schools a bit better.

Thursday, September 5, 2019


Israeli education minister,  made a statement today that the use of cellphones and smartphones, during the school day will be forbidden.

Article and Video in Hebrew -

According to Rabbi Peretz, the use of smart phones in primary schools will not be allowed any more.
This will be documented in a formal memo (obligating) .
The digital learning will be done using computers , not smart phones.
This move will be done because of social, cognitive, addiction, exposure to constant that is inappropriate and other reasons.

The Education ministry will develop and issue a formal program that will include several steps and tools. New playgrounds facilities will be installed in schools.  Guidance programs about proper use of technology will be carried out in the clases. Parents'  initiatives to buy simple phones and presond the but of smartphones will be welcomed.

The education ministry have carried out a pool among parents that showed that most parents welcome this program.

There were applause in the audience!

We still have to wait and see how , if and when all this will become a reality

Video (in Hebrew)

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

The bid requirements document for 5G Israel was published

The document was published after a press conference with the communication minister, Mr David Amsalem.

The main points of the requirements:

1. The frequency that are going to be used are:
700MHz , 2X30MHz, FDD
2600MHz, 2X60MHz, FDD
3500-3600, 2X300MHz. TDD.

2. The number of cells/units/antennas per regional (should cover about 3000 users) :
Center of the country  -  residence 1 unit,  institutional 2 units, public area 3 units,  Industrial 3 units.
Peripheral parts of the country  -  residence 2 unit,  institutional 3 units, public area 4 units,  Industrial 4 units.

3. Time schedule:
Last offers received until 27/11/2019
Incentive for quick deployment will be issued between 2020-2023

The document (In Hebrew) -

According to this requirement document and older publication about 5G in Israel, it seems that deployment is expected to start in 2020.
Existing cell towers will be upgraded to 5G, In some cases more towers will be aracted. I am still not sure how manny.

Friday, August 16, 2019


If you are an EHS person (Electromagnetic Hypersensitive person) you probably experienced before what if feels like when you open the door of your house and a person with a smartphone or other RF emitting device, come in to your house. At first you might not notice it, but after a while you will start feeling the pain.
In order to reduce the chance of that happening we need a RF ALARM SYSTEM that will go off when it will detect an RF signal.

It is possible to do it using the ENV RD10 that can beep when the RF levels are higher than 0.5mW/m2, or with the CORNET ED88TPLUS that sound the alarm when RF levels are higher than 0.18mW/m2. In the case of the CORNET ED88TPLUS  you can also add an external speakers that will make the alarm sound very loud.
Both the ENV RD10 and the CORNET ED88TPLUS can be used with an external power supply.
These of you that turn off the electric power, buth meters (and speakers) can be used with an external  power bank.

I would like to thank Shanny Druker for presenting the need for such a system.


Video - Basic RF ALARM SYSTEM RD10


Parts needed for the ENV RD10 ALARM Setup
1. EMF RD10 EMF meter -
2. USB 2 miniUSB cable - comes with the ENV RD10 meter, can be squired at -
3. USB Power supplier -

Parts needed for the CORNET ED88TPLUS ALARM setup
2. USB 2 MicroUSB cable -
3. USB Power supplier -
4. Optional - External USB powered speaker -
5. Optional - Power bank -

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Second "Stop 5G" protest In Tel Aviv Israel

At 10/08/2019, about 70 people attended the second "stop 5G" protest in Tel Aviv Israel.
The attendees hold signes calling for the promotion of health other then the promotion of 5G networks, about the possible side effects of "smart cities" and other 5G technologies.

from the top to bottom:
"5G , 10 times more radiation!"
"5G is a risk!"
"They just want cash on the expense of the residence"

More pictures and info at "stop 5G Israel"

Sunday, July 14, 2019

5G frequency auction was launched in Israel, deployment in 2021

According to an article in Ynet (Israel leading news site), 5G frequency auction was launched in Israel, deployment in 2021.

Google tranlator link  -

The will be 3 networks for private clients.
If the carriers will install more then 250 sites up to the end of 2021, they will get bonuses.
The networks will support the vast deployment of smart city, IOT, and other wireless technologies.
Several more networks for industrial and enterprise use.
The article does not say anything about the radiation factor.

The safety standard used in Israel for RF radiation, are based on heat effect only and does not protect from long term health damage. According to that standard it is possible to deploy high power cell towers and cell sites very close to houses and buildings.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

EHS mechanisms, suggested treatment and medicine by Dr F. Greco

copied to the new blog -

A few weeks back, Dr F GRECO from Montpellier-France sent me an email with the following text: 
Dear Sir,
I'm a French physician, and I saw on your blog a picture of you while
you have a migraine, I would like to send you a text I wrote explaining
how to treat and prevent EHS syndrome.
Please share this information and feel free to give me your comments.
Sincerely Yours

The text file he sent is viewable via this link -

Dr F Greco describes several mechanisms by which EMF can affect EHS people. He advises avoiding triggers (EMF), eating well, having a gluten-free diet without milk and low in sugar, sleeping well, exercising, meditating, and then considering treatment with medication (talk with your doctor before taking any drug!).
Then Dr F Greco describes a set of drugs that can be administered by your doctor and the effect expected (based on EHS people's reaction to the drugs in the past).

I thank Dr F Greco for bringing this info forward.
Please note I did not try any of the recommended medicines.
I remind you to talk with your doctor before taking any drug or medicine!

Friday, May 24, 2019

Why do I love the ENV RD10 so much?

I am in love.
My wife know all about it. 
It is not a secret, I talk about it all the time.
And my wife, she knows it is my new baby.

I am proud to say I helped in the process of the ENV RD10 creation. 
I helped by defining the use cases, the features and the requirements.
I also helped in the QA along the stages of development of the meter and the PC software. 
And now, since the day I got it, it is in my pocket, with me wherever I go.

It is sooooo wonderful.  

The ENV RD10 is a tiny EMF meter.
It is so tiny I forget it is in my pocket.
It fit perfectly into my Zippo pocket in my jeans. 
It is so tiny that most of the complains we get from people is that they don't remember where they left it. 

The ENV RD10 can measure RF, ELF Magnetic field and ELF Electric field.
It marks the level of the radiation on it 9 color leds (4 green, 3 yellow, 2 red). 
It has an audio alarm that goes off whenever the levels exceed the forth green light (in all the modes).
It has a sampling rate of 20000 per second, so it catches even the fast pulses. 

In RF mode it can measure between 100MHz to 8GHz, from 0.0005mW/m2 to 100mW/m2.
In ELM mode it can measure from 0.2mG to 20mG.
In ELE mode it can measure from 2V/m to 1000V/m.

It has a MINI USB connection that you can use to charge the internal battery, or connect it to a smartphone(in airplane mode) or a PC or Mac for Numerical measurements and recording of the measurement(!!!). 
The battery can last for 7 hours in normal mode, or for 12 hours in audio-only mode(only audio alarm , no light on led bar) . 

Users profile:
1. For people who don't like to read numbers and need a first easy to operate all in one meter.
2. For EHS people as a second "in pocket" & "go with" alarm meter.

What are the main use cases:
1.  Training  - the meter is so easy to use and the reading is very easy to understand. So the meter make a best choice for training and demos. 
2. Finding EMF sources and penetration points - The meter can be used to search your house for EMF sources and penetration points.  It will also allow you to see it the protection installed or the steps you did in order to reduce exposure helped,
3. An Alarm pocket size all in one meter - Can be used by EHS people, while they are on the go, while in their pocket, to alert them of rooms or places with high levels of RF/LFM/LFE radiation, or it someone with a hidden RF source approach them (happens to me all the time, and the meter sounds the alarm reminding me to ask this person to turn off his devices).
4. As a recording meter (when operating with a software on the PC/MAC/Smart phone (in airplane mode) to allow the user to record long measurements, even over few hours!!!

Special Features:
The meter has several software version (embedded) that include special features:
1. High Sensitivity mode - this version make the meter's alarm sounds off on the third green light (in RF it will sound off at 0.1mW/m2, while in normal sensitivity mode it will at 0.5mW/m2). 
2. Accumulation mode -  this version make the meter count the number of times every led was lighted over the last operation. The numbers accumulated will be displayed on the PC software the next time the meter will be connected to the PC. The numbers will give you an estimation of your exposure during the day. This feature brings down the sampling rate to 5000 per second.
3. Audio only mode - "Audio only" or "battery safe" mode the led lights do not light up. This allows the meter to work, with audio alarm while in your pocket, for about 12 hours on a single charge.