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Thursday, July 24, 2008

My story - Part 3 – Gathering knowledge and over going medical tests.

The symptoms I had were the same as the symptoms that I had read about on the web pages. I was amazed that there is so much information on the web about headaches and that so many people suffer from this problem in their daily lives (males - ~10%, females - ~25%).

Some of the webpages introduced all kinds of drugs or devices to ease the pain. Some talked about the possible cause of the pain. Some of the web pages that dealt with the causes named EMF (RF radiation) as a possible cause.

This new info was aligned with my past experience with mobile phone radiation. I knew from my experience, that mobile phones cause me headaches after a short use. I thought that maybe mobile phones and RF radiation in general are the reason to my long headache as well. Some of the web pages talked about a new disease that is called "Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome" or EHS for short.

In parallel to reading "all there is to read about headaches" I started a series of medical tests. I went to see my private doctor who sent me to a neurologist. This neurologist did some physical tests and sent me to EEG and CT tests. The outcome of these tests showed that I am 100% healthy and that there is nothing wrong with me, at least nothing you can see on CT or EEG. The neurologist was quick to write me a prescription for anti stress drugs that I was requested to take daily, that was the last I saw of him.

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