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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Members of the EU parliament recommend recognizing MCS and EHS

5 MEPs of the EU parliament issued a declaration that recommends recognizing MCS and EHS.Link to full papar:


The Parliamentary Assembly of COE( Council Of Europe ) has already recommended to do so as part of it's resolution from 2011 ( This is the first time that members from the Parliament of EU issue a declaration just for this issue.

In order for this declaration to be accepted by the EU parliament, 370 additional members have to sign.

So if you have a EU citizenship this is the time to call or write you MEP and ask him to support the declaration.

Anyway, this is a step forward and it will bring hope for all EHS and MSC victims out there.

The declaration:

1. Recommends that Member States which have not yet done so include MCS and EHS in their own ICDs and in their ILO-based Lists of Occupational Diseases; suggests that the WHO Assembly include MCS and EHS in its upcoming ICD-11;

2. Urges Member State governments to apply existing rules regarding EM radiation and exposure to harmful substances and to apply the precautionary principle strictly, with effective health and environmental measures, in order to immediately protect those affected, whose number is growing exponentially;

3. Suggests harmonising the rules on physical agents and harmful substances in the Member States, on the basis of the strictest existing criteria, and also placing controls on imported products;

4. Instructs its President to forward this declaration, together with the names of the signatories, to the Council, the Commission and the parliaments of the Member States.


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  3. This is a "motion" written by 5 MEPs that needs at least an extra 370 other MEPs to sign by 14th June 2012. Over half the total number of MEPs need to sign for this Declaration to be "adopted". Very few Declarations are "adopted"

    All EU citizens should be encouraged to lobby their region's MEPs to sign up. They can find details of MEPs here:


  4. Thanks Alasdiar P. to explain this.
    I hope more MEPs will sign it.

  5. Yes ! again, this is only a PROPOSED declaration that should be approved by the majority . In Italy, we are sending to the Italian MEPs own mails to make a pressure that they will add their approval ... This should be done by ALL the NGOs/Associations in the different EU Countires ! It's very important

  6. GiorgioCinciripini - Yes this is true. I hope you guys will be able to get all the needed vote and will show the rest of the world the way...