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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Israeli ministry of education is going to limit the use of cell phones in schools

The Israeli ministry of education is going to limit the use of cell phones in schools. The ministry will not entirely follow the European assembly resolution from 05/2011 that called to band cellphone use in schools. The ministry seems to partialy adopt the European Parliament resolution from 2009 (which is less stricked). The ministry of education will enforce the new resolutions that are aimed in limiting the young students exposure (both in level perspective and time perspective). From tomorrow, student will be able to talk on their cell phones only from special locations within the school area and the use of cell phones will be band during lessons. In addition the students will attend lessons about "wise" cellphone use.
The original story (using google's translator)


  1. That is wonderful news! I hope that the kids who have cell phones at school are compelled to keep them turned off so that they are not transmitting while they are carrying them...

  2. Yep this is great news! It is also very importent that those kid wil turn their cellphones off since most of te smart phones toaday emit RF EMR even when not being used for talking.

  3. Thanks for sharing this good news -let's hope other governments take note!

  4. Ya, I hope also other contries will restrict the use of cellphones,