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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Have you noticed any "question marks" in the street, any "stuckies" on the road, and any "zombies" in general? Smart phone addiction is coming to the media

Few years back I noticed that most of the people that are walking the streets in Herzliya Israel, have their face looking down to their cellphones. They looked to me as "question marks".
Recently I see more and more drivers stopping their cars in the middle of the road/street, facing down to their smartphone, not noticing that they are few feets away from the side of the road. I call them "Stuckies".
Both "question marks" and "Stuckies"  are smartphone zombies. facing down connecting to something far away from them, and disconnecting from their surrounding, missing out what even happens near them.
Now it is not only me that use the "zombies" term.  It is used in a New York Time article by By Kevin Roose

 “Once you look around the elevator and see the zombies checking their phones, you can’t unsee it.”

+ Radiation Exposure

Well it is not just missing out, it is also "Radiation exposure".
Smartphones transmits most of the time, especially when surfing or using apps. This transmission it Radio Frequency Radiation(RFR). RFR is considered "a possible carcinogenic to humans" by the International Agency for research on Cancer(IARC), a committee of the World Health organization (WHO). The IARC rolled on this issue at 2011. Since then more studies were published that show that RFR has biological effects and that the non protective, heat based, so called safety standards are insufficient (to say the least).

Want to see this radiation? -

What can you do to minimize your exposure?

  1. Reduce the use of your smartphone.
  2. Prefer the use of wired phones and computers.
  3. Turn off the DATA, WIFI, BLUETOOTH on your smartphone.
  4. Use the speaker or wired air tube earpiece during conversation and keep the smartphone as far as possible. 
  5. Read how to reduce exposure while using the cell phone -
  6. Rise your head up...take a look at what is around you...spring is on it's way

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