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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Did 250 scientist warned about apple's airpods? No and Yes

This week an article about 250 scientists warning about the danger of Radio Frequency Radiation was published in several International and Israeli news websites:

Most article linked the apple airpods (bluetooth enabled wireless earpiece made by apple) to the story. 

In Hebrew:

The linkage between the 250 scientist petition and apple airpods was probably a mistake (the scientist did not mentioned the apple earpods in particular, the named general types or RF emitting devices such as cellphones, tablets, wifi routers, and other) but it would be a mistake to use this mistake to dismiss the possible biological damage such earpiece and other wireless and cellular equipment can cause.  
Bluetooth wireless earpiece, such as the apple airpods, emits Radio Frequency (RF) radiation and cause the smartphone to communicate back to them (more RF). I see people wearing their bluetooth earpiece all day long. Measurements I did shows that bluetooth earpiece and equipment emits RF radiation all the time Earpiece - . 
Apple watch -

Maya Elallal's video show the same for apple earpods -

RF Radiation was declared in 2011 by the "International Agency for research on Cancer (IARC)" as a possible carcinogenic in humans. This classification was based on studies showing biological influences and damage cause by RF exposure and even a link between the exposure and cancer in humans.  Since then more study (such as the NTP) showed such influences and strengthen the classification of IARC.

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