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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Progress or Spin in ORT HOLON - The 3 antenna panels that were facing the school were removed - RFR level still high!

Last week the 3 antenna panels that were facing the school were removed.
RF measurements done by the parents in the school and a monitoring equipment on the roof show the levels of RFR were cut (by about 50%) but are still high.
The level is too high for students that already developed symptoms and are more sensitive.
In addition, they are not low enough for the temp protection that was installed to be removed.
I explained to the parents that the levels will stay high because of side and back lobes and also reflections from the building next by since there are still active panels which are not facing the school. I told the parents to expect kids that got sick, to continue to suffer from symptoms.
Although the strick is over at this point in time, the parents told me that they will continue to fight for the removal of all the mast in other means.

In the picture below - the mast next to the school

The removal of the 3 panels

The transmitters room

RFR levels before the removal, when the mast was turned off and after the removal

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