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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Maya Elhalal - Founder, CEO, Entrepreneur and one of the leading high-tech women in Israel is telling here EHS story

Maya Elhalal - Founder, CEO, Entrepreneur and one of the leading high-tech women in Israel came out the electric closet this week with her Hebrew-English post over Facebook.

Maya knocked on my door about half a year ago. Maya is a leading technologic woman, Founder, CEO, Entrepreneur and a consultant in health- longevity field. She then came to an EHS support meeting. In this meeting, she talked about here symptoms that appear when using smartphone and other wireless devices. She told me about her life that was put to a hold and about here understanding that the symptoms she endures are caused from exposure to EMF radiation, mainly but not only, RF.
I Then started with a preview to handling EHS 1on1. I explained about types of EMF, about measuring EMF, reducing exposure and protection. In addition, we talked about ways to handle EHS, about science and public activism for EHS and EMF health effect acknowledgment.

Maya promised that when she will land back on her feet, she will do whatever she can to support the fight for EHS acknowledgment.

Maya then started to learn about EMF, to measure it, to reduce exposure and to use RF protection. Maya found a new house that was low RF and she then set it up according to the best practices of a low EMF house using only wired technologies.  Slowly Maya got back in control of her life and her EHS condition. Her learning curve was very stip and the results were fast to come. Maya started to feel better and is now coming forward to help others!

On the 15/11/2018 Maya talked in front of the internal affairs and environmental protection committee in the Knesset (Israel Parlament) regarding the mass EHS case in ORT HOLON where a cellphone mast was installed 20 meters from the school, and about 600 students developed EHS symptoms.
Video in Hebrew -

A Few days later on the 19/11/2018 she appeared on a TV morning show
video in Hebrew -

Om Saturday 1/12/2018 see published the Facebook post (Hebrew and English) that up to now was shared more than 238 times and had 360 comments (not all were supportive).

On the 2/12/2018 the post was covered in MAKO website -

And on the 6/12/2018 she was interviewed about the post, about EHS and cooping with it in "NEXT" TV show in "MAKO" TV.
Video in Hebrew -

In the picture - Maya in NEXT TV show on MAKO TV.

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