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Friday, July 20, 2018

3 campaigns, about health and privacy, from the governments of israel that are long overdue

A new campaign about "privacy" was launched by the "authority of privacy protection" in the ministry of Justice in Israel. The campaign seems to tray and bring awareness to the privacy issues in using a smartphone and network devices.

The following video is in Hebrew and describes how personal info is shared by a person on the web using her smartphone, and also harvested from the smart phone without knowingly sharing it. Then the person get advertising messages and offers according to here use and info.

The new Privacy commercial:

I think that the new campaign is a step in the right way and hope it will make a difference.
Few months ago the ministry of health launched a campaign about healthy and unhealthy food, but it was partially taken down (from TV commercials, still available on youtube) for being "too successful".

The video of the "healthy and not healthy food" about Sugar consumption.

The video of the "healthy and not healthy food" about Salt consumption. 

I Just hope that in the new future a new campaign like these 2 will be launched about radiation exposure from smart phones and wireless devices.

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