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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

5G might radiate more than the non protective exposure standards.

A post in Lennart Hardell's blog about a presentation given by ericsson about the "challenge in meeting safety standards during 5G deployment".
In it's presentation (link in the post), ericsson gives an estimation of the radiation emission from 2 of it's infrastructure products (antenna), one at 3.5GHz, the other a 28GHz. 
Ericsson claim that the current ICNIRP (non protective, heat based, good for industry ) standards are going to make the deployment difficult. 
I am afraid that now the industry will put pressure to allow even less protective standards to comply with the need for faster, cheaper, easier deployment of 5G.
It is very sad that industry still think it can save money by exposing the public to more radiation, instead of developing their products and infrastructure in such a way that will reduce users and public's exposure.

Hardell's post -

Presentation -

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