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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

"Better Call Saul" - E05/S03 - Chuck's condition is put to the test, once again.

On episode #5, season 3 of "Better Call Saul", in the ending scene Chuck's character fail to identify a cell phone's battery that is put in his jacket's pocket. Across the net, speculations have been done (and we will most likely will have more of these) that this is just another prof that Chuck's condition is mental and not physical.

I just saw the episode. We need to remember this is just a TV series, but having said that, I see how Chuck could not feel the battery in his pocket. I am an mid level EHS person and I don't react to DC charge from batteries(some people do). What I do react to is RF from cell phones and wireless devices. But this does not mean I can identify it right a way. In addition I can sustain (and so can Chuck's character, as seen in other episodes) some exposure to RF without being dead on the spot. In some cases I can feel specific signals, but in most cases it is the accumulation of exposure that wear me down. For example when I am going out of the house to parliament committees meetings, or in other meeting that people use their smartphone around me, I can function for several hours. I don't feel great, I am not at my best performance and sometimes I can feel pain, but I can function (most of the times). I most cases I do "pay" with pain when the day is over, when the Adrenalin rush is going down and the pain killers' effect is fading. 

So, again, placing a cell phone buttery, or a working cellphone, next to me, in most case will not cause a reaction right away (but please don't try it on me, as if the phone will be transmitting in GSM or LTE I will be in a lot of pain after few minutes). 

In fact, I have a cellphone battery next to me just now.
Does that mean my EHS condition is not real?
Does that mean the Chuck's characters' condition is not real?
It mean that who ever think that all EHS people react to all EMF exposures right a way, on the spot, as if we are all some kind of human EMF detector, does not understand EMF , RF, their biological effect and EHS.

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