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Friday, May 19, 2017

A smart phone burst into flames in the pocket of a 9 years old kid

The problem I have with the report of this incident on the Israeli news is that almost no one wondered what does a 9 years old kid doing with a smart phone.
It has become so usual here in Israel, and in the rest of the world, that kids are given smart phones that no one think it is strange any more.
Parents (that are usually cellphone addicted themselves) give their old device to their kids when they buy themselves a new one.

Smart phones emit RF Radiation most of the time
Smart phone, unlike old mobile phones (that emit RF only while talking or SMS), emits Radio Frequency radiation most of the time as long as they are connected to the cellular data, WIFI and Bluetooth. The time of emission is increased as the use of application, messaging, and surfing increased.
The emission is even greater if the communication is done in LTE than in UMTS.
4G vs 3G -
Radiation from smart phone while idle -

When and how has it become OK for a 9 years old to have a smart phone?
Well, as long as the parents are addicted, as long as the ministry of health give only "soft" warnings, as long as the ministry of education allow and push for cellphone, wireless tablets and laptops in schools, as long as industry develop devices for kids, as long as the World health organisation is reluctant to take farther action, as long as the exposure standards are based on heat and not health, as long people don't understand how and when they devices radiates, as long as people who report health effects from RF and EMF exposure are considered crazy, as long as all the above still happens, kids are going to be smart phone users at a very young age.
I believe this will lead to them being able to feel pain when exposed to RF and ELF (becoming Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitive) , and some will even suffer from cancer, before they will have kids themselves.

Kids are heavy users
We also have to remember that most kids are heavy users, and use their smart phone all day to send more than 150 message, surf the net, use applications, listen to online music and talk to each other.

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