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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Our all new - RF Protection Patrol Hat for EHS people

This hat was developed in order to allow the following:

  1. A hat that will be made mostly from the RF Blocking Fabric SHIELDON 240
  2. A hat that the visor will also be made from the RF Blocking fabric, giving some frontal protection to the user.
  3. The visor should be partially flexible.
  4. A hat that will be easy to fold and put in your pocket, when you don't need it on your head.
  5. A simple design that will fit both men and women.
  6. A simple, easy to wear, basic, cheap RF protection hat.
  7. The hat should come in 2 sizes, M-58cm-60cm and L-60cm-62cm, with stretchable size adjustment band at the rear.
  8. The size adjustment mechanism should require a hole in the back of the hat.
  9. The hat should block most RF radiation hitting the head from above the user and part of it coming from the sides.
The hat was develop over a couple of months and now is being sold on our store site for only US$35, including world wide delivery by Registered Air Mail-

Buy at -

RF testing video -

General video -

Please see the following pictures:

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