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Saturday, August 29, 2015

French EHS court case gets to the headline in ISRAEL

The French EHS court case got today (Saturday 29/08/2015) to the head line on YNEY, an Israeli leading news site -,7340,L-4695539,00.html.
The short article is a translation to Hebrew of part of the BBC article -

In addition the story was also published in the following news sites:

I think EHS is the "game changer". If we will bring more and more cases to the public view, more and more people will understand that what they are suffering from is the radiation from their cell-phones and wireless devices. This can work in both directions, first we will help these people that are EHS and don't know about it to start handling their problems and cut down their use and exposure. Second we will create a wave of awareness that will reach much farther than an article about a new study. 
We EHS, must get out there and make our mark on world news!

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