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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

EHS people from the UK and why James Rubin is wrong about EHS

I just watch this  (

I would like to tank the EHS people who took part in this video. I think it will help people understand that their wireless equipment is making them sick. I belive that all EHS should get out of the closet and tell the world what makes them sick.

The video also reminded me how much I despise this guy, Jumes Rubin of kings' collage in London , who made a career out of "proving" that EHS is a psychosomatic condition
In a post I wrote few years back I explain what is wrong with his studies . In a nut shell he expose people to EMF (ELF, EMI and even RF ) when in "shame exposure" and then he reports that they reacted in both exposure and shame exposure so their feeling must be psychosomatic .

Picture - The "shame exposure" still exposing to ELF, EMI and even RF!

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