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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Why Dr. James Rubin EHS study is problematic?

Dr. James Rubin is a psychologist who had done a series of studies on Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity (EHS). In his studies he concludes that EHS is a psychological condition. These studies were published as a proof that EHS is not real. Dr. James Rubin was promoted and continues to study EHS.  A few days ago I stumbled upon something that might prove his methods completely wrong. It seems that the device he used to simulate RF radiation, emitted also ELF, medium and high frequency EMR during the sham exposure. In addition from the videos it is cleared that the room where the testing was done are not shielded.
lease read on.

In all of his studies he reported that most people suffered from real symptoms when exposed to RF radiation. His studies show that people both in the "control" and "sensitive" groups reported headaches during RF exposure. He also reported that some of the people in the "Sensitive" group could not finish the series of tests and exposure because they felt too bad and could not comply with the test protocol. DR. James Rubin also explains EHS can’t be real since both the "control" and the "sensitive" groups could know that the RF signal was ON (more than 50:50). The fact is that the exposure to RF was for 50 minutes, I believe in such a long time, most people will feel something, even not sensitive people.

The text below is from the study -

"Headache severity increased during exposure and decreased immediately afterwards. However, no strong evidence was found of any difference between the conditions in terms of symptom severity. Nor did evidence of any differential effect of condition between the two groups exist. The proportion of sensitive participants who believed a signal was present during GSM exposure (60%) was similar to the proportion who believed one was present during sham exposure (63%)."

The button line conclusion of all of his studies is that EHS people can't really tell when the RF signal is ON or OFF and that the cause for their condition is probably psychological.

"No evidence was found to indicate that people with self reported sensitivity to mobile phone signals are able to detect such signals or that they react to them with increased symptom severity. As sham exposure was sufficient to trigger severe symptoms in some participants, psychological factors may have an important role in causing this condition."

Hid studies were published and were pushed to the media (mostly by cellphone and wireless lobbies) as a proof that EHS is not real, and that all EHS people are actually suffering from psychological illness.

On the other hand his studies were attacked by independent scientists and EHS activists around the world who claimed these studies suffer from problematic logical design and methodological errors. Some even argued that these studies where designed to prove that EHS was a psychological problem.

A Big mistake
A few days ago I got 2 video clips of interviews with Dr. James Rubin in which he explains about the studies and shows the device that was used to radiate the subjects.

 As a person that knows something about Electromagnetic radiation(EMR), has a lot of experience in measuring it and as an EHS person, I can say that this device emits Extreme Low Frequency(ELF) EMR and also some low and mid frequency EMR when the device is ON but does not transmit the RF signal (the "sham" exposure). Most of the severe EHS people are sensitive to most if not all EMR types and would be affected by wearing such a device on their head for about 50 minutes in each test round. I know I would. This has probably passed Dr. James Rubin's attention when he planned and ran the tests in the study. I am not sure that he understands this gigantic error even today.

The device:
This device probably emits extreme low, mid and high frequency EMR even when it does not emit RF signal

If I am right, then this is just another example of unprofessional science work done by scientists who are studying EHS and who are very fast to give the verdict that EHS is a psychological condition but they don't understand enough in Electronics, EMR measurement, EMR source or even EHS which they study. Their studies are getting the headlines and are shortly becoming the tools of industry lobbies against EHS and EMR awareness activists, while they are not designed and planed correctly.

This is what I have written to the BBC:

"This message is about Paul Murphy report: 
"Mobile mast 'allergy' woman moved to US for better health"

At 4:30 there is an interview with Dr. James Rubin who studies EHS and concluded that EHS is a psychological condition. In the interview it is shown that the rooms in which the study was done are not Electromagnetic radiation(EMR) shielded, and it seems that the device used to simulate the RF radiation exposure is a kind of a device that emits other types of EMR when in sham mode. In addition if you read the study you will probably see that only EHS people quit after exposure and the most people could tell when the RF signal was ON 60 to 63% (even normal people could feel the pain after 50 minutes of RF exposure).

All the above lead to the conclusion that the bottom line of Dr. James Rubin's study is wrong, and that RF exposure cause headaches after long exposure.

Thanks for your time.

Please see more info about EHS related studies at -

Please see more recent review of this study at -


  1. You are absolutely correct!
    No only did the phone have lower frequemcy EMFs, but it was much worse! When in "sham" mode it was still transmitting full power - into a dummy load inside the handset! The fields around the handset / head were still over 1 V/m at microwave frequencies.
    Our comments are on pages 4 & 5 in:
    I also raised this matter at the EC DGSANCO Conference in November 2011 and they admitted this issue.
    Alasdair Philips, Powerwatch UK.

    1. Alasdair Philips - Thanks for your comment, the link and the info. I think we should act in order to get this study discredited. Your criticism of the study should see the front page so every one will be able to see it.


    2. The updated link is

    3. Hello Akasdair P
      Is there a way to make your review of this study public?

  2. Not an expert, but if you are going to try to prove someone wrong then you need to do it right. First off the room needs to be completely shielded from all other non-ionised radiation from out side. Then all other devices not required to be removed, making the whole are radiation sterile. Then know what frequencies you are using between 100MH to 111GHz. Yep the whole tests was a sham, no doubt I good ploy for his promotion and to continue on proving that EHS is psychological.

    1. Hello Brave Heart.
      You are 100% right!
      What they did in this study shows how much they understand about EHS or EMR.

  3. I think anything is psychological in the world according to James Rubin. If I smell fish and I am not at the market, it is psychological. :-)

    1. Anonymous - HI... I think that some people have a psychological issues with acknowledging that EMR cause health effect even in low levels and that EHS is causes by EHS.

      With some people it is because they have problem emitting they were wrong , with some people if conflict with their love of wireless device, and some people are just afraid to say the truth...all psychological issues.

  4. I am radio amateur g7gmf and when i discovered during a conversation i had with Alasdair some time ago that the sham tests were conducted with full power in a dummy load i couldn't help falling about laughing.

    The near field rf emmisions around the handset in this mode would most certainly unlikely be zero. I assume a prerequisite for sham exposure.
    And if indeed the RF levels are at levels of 1 V/M as noted by Alasdair it might then be very difficult to rule out possible bio-effects.

    From my limited experience Rf does not always behave the way it is described in text books.

    Dr Rubin might be advised to take a crash course on RF, possibly get his amateur licence and then review his recent study.

    panayis zambellis luton uk

    1. g7gmf - Hi and thanks for your comment.

      1 V/m is 0.32uW/cm2. I feel bad right away at the level of 0.1uW/cm2. In this test I would feel pain in few seconds during the "sham" exposure. For physicists 0.1 V/m might be considered to be a low level, for EHS people it is very very high.

      In addition it is not only RF that is being emitted all the time from this device. This device is working all the time and emits some levels of EMI (mid frequency EMR) and also some levels of ELF. Most EHS people will react (in pain) to these exposures as well.

  5. It is an absolute necessity to start a worldwide petition to discredit this outrageous study, which appears to have strong ties to industries!

    Shame on all those who, through utter, pathetic ignorance, and /or self interest and even prejudice deny the reality of this terrible physical illness affecting millions of people all over the world!

    Care2 is a wonderful site to start petitions and get results!It should be done to stop this abomination!

    1. "It is an absolute necessity to start a worldwide petition" -- I agree

  6. Hello NoRad,
    As an Engineer and a EHS sufferer for around two years, I feel insulted by the content of this study. This is true that any EMF -independently of the frequency- can induce symptoms, so the experiment has to be carried out with great cares and knoledges of the physics, and the crew for such a study should be multidisciplinary since it involves EMF physics. Furthermore, I personnaly do not feel any symptoms while being exposed, symptoms appear only 12 to 14 hours later. This fact is ignored on most of the studies tending to « prove » EHS is only a phsycological desease.
    I also think we should publicly discredit this kind of « studies » if they have such huge flows. Would Avaaz be a way ?
    Thanks for your work, NoRad !

    1. 4 Berger - It is a shame that people that did these studies are not a shamed of it, if only they knew how wrong they were (both electronic and scientifically wise) ...

  7. I wish someone would finally conduct a proper study. I suffer from EHS--for three months now--and I get so frustrated that there are no studies or researchers conducting proper research studies on this issue. Therre are doctors like dr. reas and dr. dean and dr. klinghardt who understand this issue very well. Why can't they do a test on people and get the truth out there. I can always tell if a phone is on by me and almost alway "feel" a upcoming cell phone tower when I am in the car. Why can't they first determine what each person is senstive to and then conduct studies on each individual to determine if they cantell when they are exposed. They need to make sure that the environment where the test is done is free from all emr. Then they need to determine what each person is sensitive to--as this varies from electrosensitive person to electrosensitive person. THEN expose them to that which they are sensitive to and see if they can tell. If they are being exposed to frequencies that they are not sensitive to--then of course they won't have a reaction. I believe thatthis is the errors that take place in the research showing there is no EHS. 1) the enviromment is contaminated to begin with 2) they treat every EHS person like they are sensitive to thesamethings and will have the same reactions and reaction times. This is like ssying everyone with a food allergy is allergic only to strawberries and no other food allergy can exist. If a person has a food allergy to peanuts but you test them wit hstrawberries, is it correct to conclude they hove no food allergies becasuethey didn't react to the "active stage" of being given strawberries? Same thing with EHS. I think EHS is hard to believe because of the poor studies out there. All the doctors who understand this phenomena shoud get off thier duffs and do a great controlled study and finally put this issue on the map where it belongs. I suffer every second of every day with ther symptoms of this illness and with trying to deal with people insisting that I am imagining it. I see how people do develop depression from this because it is so horrible. I have said tht it is like being wrongfully convicted of murder and given a life sentence. No one will believe yu re innnocent because the jury convicted you. That is what i feel the jury of public opinion has done to me. Please, scientist, researchers, doctors--do some good studies on this. Or, maybe the people suffering from this could get together and do a study. I have a masters degree in social work. I know there are doctors, physicist, engineers, attorneys and other suffering from this problem. Why don't we get together and do this???? I can be reached at I would welcome any others to contact me and get the ball rolling. Maybe it is up to us to do it. Please contact me and lets show the world that this is real. We could change the course of history. Veronica, Indiana, USA

    1. 4 Anonymous from July 19, 2013 at 2:25 AM


      I strongly agree with all you wrote.
      The 2 reasons no good study was done up to now is 1 - money, 2 - for a good study on EHS you need researches from different fields, electronic, MDs, biologists, toxin expert and other.

      Please check out my site for tips to cop with EHS -


    2. I am not an expert or a scientist of any kind, but I think there is a 3rd reason no good study is done: the scietnific community is not ready to accept the truth of EHS due to deep and subtle biases even among many scientists who probably think they are open to individuals with EHS.
      It is almost the case that all tests of this kind become in actual fact metaphysical trials of the proposition that human subjectivity exists. Why should anyone doubt EHS exists if people say they feel a certain way/get ill near microwaves etc? If you agree that such doubt is valid you set the stage for it never ever ever to be dismissed because of fumdamental biases within science itself.
      The suggestion you mention Amir, that this experiment may be designed to disprove EHS - is of course on the right lines; it is, and HAS to be - since this has already been conceded by setting the experiment up.

    3. @Sylvan Moir - Good point.
      Why the industry don't want to acknowledge EHS is real, this is very clear - if EHS is real it is the final proof the RF and EMF have health effect in very low levels.
      Why scientist don't want to acknowledge EHS is real - some because it prove them wrong about the health effect of RF and EMF, some because they are doing what industry wants, some because they thing they know everything.
      Why people don't want to acknowledge EHS is real - some because they are addicted and if EHS is real then this means that their addiction is hurting themselves and other, no addict wants to acknowledge that.
      Some because they want to keep using the devices without worrying them self's. Some because they read it is "all in the head". Some because they don't read or understand the science, but think they do.

      EMF not having a color or smell helps the problems.

  8. Rubin did find that exposure to certain signals produced effects in one of his provocation studies on tetra (police radio). This was played down in the study, but two correlations were found, with a continuous wave signal and skin sensations:

    1. even in this study 3 people were able to identify all the cycles. Their sensitivity level was such that was the in the right level for the protocol used (to feel the big exposure and not the small exposure that was supposed to be the sham exposure).