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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Israeli supreme court sitting on "wireless access devices" installation by the cell phone companies

In the last 10 years, cellphone companies are installing cell phone antennas, which are inserted into small boxes, called "wireless access devices" while using a breach in the law.
This way the municipal authorities and citizens can't object to the installation in building approval committees. For the cellphone companies it is a quick, easy and cheap way to install a cellphone mast on buildings in side neighborhoods. For the citizens this is a total nightmare as they getup in the morning finding our that a cellphone antenna was installed few meters from their windows. Over the year cellphone companies installed most of their antennas using this breach. Since 2012 only the 2 new companies are allowed to do so.

In the picture - "wireless access device" with cellphone antennas inside

The issue has been submitted to the supreme court in 2008, by several plaintiff and have been conducting since. Over the year the use of the beach was restricted so only the "new" cellphone companies would be able to install up to 40% of their antennas using the breach.

This week there was an additional court sitting that took more than 4 hours. During the court sitting all the sides were heard and the court tried to get to the button of the issue cover most, if not all, sides , aspect, history and side effects.
Attorney Michael Bach, representing (Pro Bono) the "Forum for sane cellular" presented his claims to the court.

The court asked the sides to achieve a compromised agreement in the following 120 days, based on a compromised proposal from 2010 that will allow all companies to use the breach to install 5% of their antennas and to change the location and position of antennas in existing setups.
The sides can submit a reply in 30 days.

In a personal note- it seems that the court respects the needs and interest of the cellphone companies more then it respects the rights and suffering of citizens.

The court's decision (in Hebrew)

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