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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Attorney Dafna Tachover and Attorney Michael Bach responded to the Ministry of education reply - Israeli WIFI in school case update

Last month the ministry if Education replayed to the curt trying to explain why not to enforce a temporal injunction to stop the deployment and use of WIFI and wireless devices in schools, in Israel.
The court allowed the plaintiff to reply to the Education Ministry reply.

Attorney Daphne Tchover reply last month, Attorney Michael Bach responded yesterday (15/09/2014).

Both replies argued that the Ministry of Education continues to mislead the court by presenting incorrect and partial data while changes it's statements and making policy changes as the case evolve and real facts are coming into light regarding the deployment of WIFI, wireless tablets and laptops in schools across the country. They argue that the ministry is trying to create the impression it takes measures to protect children from radiation in schools by recommending on the deployment and use of wired network, but on the same time  installation and operating wireless network, wireless tablets and laptops in most if not all the schools.
All this while ignoring the Environment Protection Ministry and the Health ministry opinions and while denying reports of about more than 100 children in the schools that already suffer from symptoms of EHS and non-ionizing radiation exposure.

Attorney Dafna Tachover explanation -

Attorney Michael Bach respond (Hebrew only) - 

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