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Thursday, August 4, 2011

RF radiation from a 2G cellphone at different distances

Cellphones emit RF EMR. The levels of the RF radiation are very strong next to the cellphone, but also a few feet away from it there are some levels of RF EMR. In this clips we will see the RF EMR levels 50 cm and 100 cm away from the phone.

The RF radiation levels drops as we move a way from the source, but in the case of 2G cellphone there are problematic levels of RF radiation even at 5 meters away from the device and sometimes even further away.

Electromagnetic hyper sensitive people can feel these levels even at 10 meters away from the device.

As In smoking, cellphone's users expose, not only them self, to the RF radiation. Other people, than the users, are also exposed to the passive RF exposure. The levels of the passive RF exposure can be very high when in elevators, buses, trains, and in other closed spaces or when several people uses their cellphone in the sometime

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