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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kick off convention for the "lobby for reasonable cellphone use", Knesset-Israel

Today (19/07/2011) a kick off convention for the "lobby for reasonable cellphone use" was held in the Knesset, the Israeli parliament. The convention and the lobby is lead by parliament member Juliya Shmalov-Berkovich. In the convention there were about 15 speakers (including PH.D. Zamir Shalita, BSC Ram dishon, Rony keller, Zvi Shevach, PH.D. Yael Stein, Mr. David Bar-Dror, Knesset members and myself) who gave short lectures and explanations. The aim of the lobby is to push for better cellphone's regulation and lows, to create and develop public awareness to the dangers of exposure to RF/cellphone radiation, to limit the use of cellphones by childrens, to include warning about possible health risk on cellphones, to make cellphone companies to send SMS messages with radiation warning every day, and to limit the why that cellphone companies will be able to publish their products, to develop and find ways to limit the public danger from cellphone radiation.

I was lucky to present a short presentation about the unknown side to radiation and about electromagnetic hyper sensitivity, It was the first time that an EHS person appeared in a meeting in the Israeli parlament and the first time that the issue of Electromagnetic Hyper sensitivity was addressed by other people in the convention.

Please note that Israel is a small country but it is the world leader on cellphone use, maybe we can also be world leader in awareness for EHS and RF/ELF dangers.

I will soon convert the presentation to video clips with English voice over.

Since cameras are not allowed in the Knesset, I could not take photos, below you can find likes to photos taken by other.


Hebrew post about the convention (please use Google translator):

The Lobby page on Facebook :

Pictures from the convention on Facebook:



  1. thanks for speaking out about this. i am very concerned about the health effects and even more concerned that we have very little control over much of the exposure.

  2. Matthew, You are right we lost control a while ago, but we can get it back!
    In most cases a person, that really wants to or has no choice if he/she is an EHS, can minimize his exposure to the min.

  3. I admire you for having been present as a person with EHS at the Knesset session. Recently, one of the leading persons in Europe engaged in establishing physical proof of the symptoms of EHS (Prof. Dominique Belpomme, President of the NGO ARTAC - )met with officials of WHO regarding placing EHS in the International Classification of Diseases. He has commented publicly that EHS persons should be present at such meetings. You probably know about WEEP, the Canadian advocacy group which publishes daily news in English on EM issues.
    I invite you to view my site which contains info on EM pollution
    Keep up the good work you're doing!

  4. Meris Michaels - thanks for the importent info!