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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Knesset (Israeli parliament) meeting regarding IARC's decision:

Written by Iris Atzmon

Dr. Stelian Galberg, in charge of radiation issue in the env ministry: distance of 2 cm of the cell phone from the ear- reduces radiation to zero.

Knesset member Yulia Shmalov Berkovitz will file a bill on warning of the radiation emitted from the phone in every given minute, info on radiation from different devices and radiation levels in different areas in Israel.

Knesset member Rachel Adato, M.D: as we don't think to forbid driving, but use a safety belt, the same about cell phones- but I call to forbid cell phones in schools.

Prof Sigal Sadezky (interphone) complained there is no funding in Israel for studies, it's an absurd that the country does not give budgets to studies on cell phones risks. All the studies I did were from external funding. She added not to forbid phones in schools- because it will be difficult for the public to implement this, instead- it is needed to work on positive messages for the pupils: how to use the cell phone properly.

Galberg said that everyday he is updated with the WHO with their positions. And the best measure to take is to put the phone 2 cm from the ear, then the radiation is reduced to zero, he said.

From the info center of the Knesset it is learnt that there are 5.3 billion users in the world, an increase of 7 fold within a decade.

76.2 for 100 people. In Israel it is 126 per 100 people. In 2007 already 50% of children at age 12-15 held cell phones.

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