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Friday, June 24, 2011

New "cell phone" bill in the Israeli parlament

Writen by: Iris Atzmon

A new bill of Knesset member Yulia Shmalov Berkovitz- received support of dozens of K. members, and the miniter of env.
said he would consider supporting it. It includes a line of demands from the phone companies, the most prominent is to send SMS every day at 12 o'clock in which it will be written: warning: this mobile phone emits non ionzing radiation, and the WHO decided that its use can cause cancer". And each time the phone is turned on, a similar warning will appear on the screen.
Each person who buys a cell phone will have to sign that he understands the risks of its use, especially in children.
But yet it will include a clause that enables consumers to sue the companies in the future if it will be proven that the use
causes cancer. Children participation in advertisements will be banned. Ear piece will have to be given at each purchase.
At least 15% of the companies revenues will go to education to minimize the use of cell phones. Advertisements will include a warning like on cigarettes ads.
The minister Gilad Arden said that it is needed to raise the awareness of the public to the risk of cell phone use and he said that although he does not support all the clauses of the bill he considers most of them positively. He will consult with experts.
Yulia reminded that there are many studies that prove direct link of creation of cancer cells from cell phone radiation.
In the next weeks this bill will be brought to Knesset discussion.
Yediot newspaper 23.6.11

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