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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

The bid requirements document for 5G Israel was published

The document was published after a press conference with the communication minister, Mr David Amsalem.

The main points of the requirements:

1. The frequency that are going to be used are:
700MHz , 2X30MHz, FDD
2600MHz, 2X60MHz, FDD
3500-3600, 2X300MHz. TDD.

2. The number of cells/units/antennas per regional (should cover about 3000 users) :
Center of the country  -  residence 1 unit,  institutional 2 units, public area 3 units,  Industrial 3 units.
Peripheral parts of the country  -  residence 2 unit,  institutional 3 units, public area 4 units,  Industrial 4 units.

3. Time schedule:
Last offers received until 27/11/2019
Incentive for quick deployment will be issued between 2020-2023

The document (In Hebrew) -

According to this requirement document and older publication about 5G in Israel, it seems that deployment is expected to start in 2020.
Existing cell towers will be upgraded to 5G, In some cases more towers will be aracted. I am still not sure how manny.

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