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Up until 01.2016 I used to send monthly summary email to all our email lists (EHS people, activist, update list ...).
Due  to new restrictions on sending bulk email, I will not be able to send any more monthly summery emails to my distribution lists.
Those of you the wish to keep getting updated on posts published in this blog and the monthly report, please register to this blog email notifications "FOLLOW BY EMAIL" (see marked in green in the picture bellow).
Those of you that find it problematic to register, please send me an email to and I will try to help in the process.
After the registration you will get an email from "FeedBurner Email Subscriptions" with a confirmation link. Press the confirmation link to confirm the registration request.
Once you complete the registration you will get a notification email for every post published on this blog, including the Monthly Report.
Thanks and sorry for the trouble.
Please stay in contact.


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  2. I am new to your site and maybe i missed it but have you guys tested RF or anything related to that coming from an apple watch?

    Thank you guys for a really very informative website!

    1. If I had access to one I would , but right now I don't have access to one of these watch.