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Sunday, November 11, 2018

The authority try to calm the parents of students in ORT HOLON after feeling radiation sickness symptoms

Last week there was a meeting between representatives of the Environmental Protection Ministry, The city municipality,  the school management, ORT schools network management in Israel , and the parents of students in the ORT HOLON school.
About 20 years ago, a cell tower was erected next to the school (20 meter from it). This year the parents finally noticed that their kids suffer from headaches, nausea, fatigue and other radiation sickness symptoms.  Last year one of the students in this school died from cancer.  The parents went on a struggle to take the tower done and they are on a two month strike in order to achieve that.
Please read more about it at this post -
I saw few parts of the meeting on videos and was sorry to see that all the official representatives were addressing only the quick return of the kids to school and not the removal of the antenna. The ministry representative, Prof Gelberg told the parents all kind of technical stuff that were not accurate and very simplified and somewhat misleading, like for example that he prefer cellphone towers on public buildings and that bellow and above the main lobe of the antenna there is no radiation (neglecting side lower/higher beams - see picture below). He also argued that the ministry is responsible only to the radiation and measurement side of the antenna, forgetting to note that the standards used are based on heat only and are not protective of humans, that the measurements are done by slow meters and therefor give partial results. I saw the municipality representative saying they can't do anything to help, that the tests are OK and the antenna have all the documentation (other municipalities helped in the past by finding problems in the structure or the infrastructure around the antenna and demanding it to be remove on that ground). Then the representative of ORT said that all they want is the return of the kids to school in the quickest and best way (but what about the kids that are already sick and the kids that will be sick from the radiation? ).

During the meeting there was a protest outside the school.

There is going to be a meeting in the Israeli parliament this week (15/11/2018) about this issue. In the meeting we expect to hear the same "not my responsibility" talks, but we hope to say the truth: Standards are high and non-protective, measurements are not done adequately, people are getting sick and everyone else just want to continue with their daily rothin.

Links (Google translated, the original is in hebrew):

Picture of the school building and the antenna in the background - Photography Avshalom Shoshani

In the picture bellow - the way antenna lobs are transmitted from the antenna

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