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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

How to Connect an iPhone to the internet without any RF radiation

Need to connect an Iphone to the internet without all the RF radiation? In case you are an EHS person and an iPhone addict, and you want to use your iPhone even when it cause you pain and suffering, but with less EMF exposure (no RF exposure). In case that you are out of your Data package, or in case you must use the iPhone but prefer to do it without the exposure to RF (from WIFI and Cellular data). In case that your kid want to contact his friends on whats-app and you don't what him to be radiated. In all the above case and more, this is the ways to go, now you can connect the iphone to a wired network connection.
This video , that was done by Lavi Perchik, will show you how.
Please make sure that the iPhone keeps being on airplane mode.
Before starting make sure to turn off the WIFI, BLUETOOTH, DATA , all other wireless connections. Once in a while check again that all is OFF.
Using the iphone in cable mode is less problematic than in wireless mode but still the iphone emits both Electric and Magnetic fields in Low and mid frequencies. So this is not for the higly sensitive EHS peoples. 
I myself prefer a wired PC

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