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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Smartphones are to be allowed back in Israeli schools

PhD Offer Rimon, head of the Technology administration in the Israeli ministry of Education, said that soon, the ban on smart phones' use in schools will be removed. This was reported today in the daily newspaper of "Yediot Hachronot", the headlines said "The smartphone enter the class".
In Israel, for the past few years, there was a partial bann on the use of smartphones in schools. While deploying WIFI and pushing wireless tablets, the ministry of education argued that it is protecting the kids by banning cell phones (as if the radiation of cellphones and WIFI devices is not the same). No, the gate is totally open and smartphones are back to class (they never left as the ban was never fully implemented).
This change in official policy comes in contrary and after France has banned the use of cellphones and smart phones in schools, just few weeks ago.
The use of Smartphones and WIFI devices in class might look like a shiny improvement in the ability to teach, but in the long run, when the health effect of RF radiation exposure will cause students and teachers headaches and other health problems, and when the effect of screen time will be clear, it will be known to be a very big mistake. We and our children will pay the price while the people who pushed it in will get the next job title!

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