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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Searching for a low EMF house in Israel - Mission impossible

In the last month we have been searching for a new house in Israel.
The requirements ,as far as EMF is concerned, is that the RF radiation level inside the house will be lower than 0.0007 mW/m2, and in the streed lower than 0.04 mW/m2.
The ELF levels requirements is that the levels in side the house will not be higher than 1.5mG at pick time, and that most of the time will be lower.
I am using my CORNET ED88T and the TRI FIELD 100XE for measurements.
We have seen about 20 houses so far. All of them  had RF equipment inside, so I needed to try and understand what is coming from inside and what from out side.
We liked one house the most, and I returned to it every time I was in the neighborhood to see how the contraction is going and to test the levels. The RF levels in side the house are fine but not perfect (you can't find prefect, right?). Some RF protection will be needed on the windows and joint walls. The ELF levels seemed fine at first, lower than 1 mG at worst. It is summer time here in Israel and most people and kids are at home with air condition working. This is considered high pick times. So I thought the house was cleared for ELF. But then , on the fifth time I cam to measure it, I saw the ELF levels reach 3.5mG (peak levels no RMS) on the Y Axis of the CORNET ED88T.
This was a big turn off on the house.
We were very disappointed.
But this is exactly why we EHS people must test our living environment, or soon to be living environments , before we buy/rent/move/staying in it.
In my current EHS condition, 3mG (or 3.5mG) will not kill me, but will cause me fatigue and short temper, maybe even some pain.
For example, at the time I am writing these lines, it is Saturday morning, and the levels in my current home are around 1.5mG at the living rooms and 2.5 in the bedrooms (that are closer to the electric line on the street). It is bearable , but I would like to be exposed to lower levels in my next house.
I will continue to run tests on the candidate house in order to see what are the ELF levels during different hours and different days, and in order to understand more about the exposure there, but for now, this house is going back to the end of the list (of houses that we want).
Finding a place to live for EHS is becoming harder and harder at this time or excessive wireless devices and infrastructure use. I hope we will find on little "white spot" for us to live in.

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  1. so frustrating finding good levels. for exemple, when I came into my current home, a small apt. under a landlord without wireless devices like wifi router DECT , the LF levels where ideal, for MORE than some months. from may 2016 till NOvember they where even VERY low. about 0.5 mG even less 0.3 mG. wonderful. but then, the heating period began and it was high, like 3mG or even higher, so that I had to put my bed in the kitchen. there it is till now. because for any reason the levels did not return to as ideal as they where. RF is wonderful since the beginning. 0.0005 mW m2 all the time, except when the landlord telephones with his old nokia celular. but he does not do i very often. thanks G/d . Noa I press fingers for you to find an ideal place for you sweet family.

    1. Thanks Noa for you words, story and wishes.