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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Cellphones are back in to the Israeli education system

Few months back Cellphone use was banded in schools by the ministry of education.
This was done according to several CEO memos and press releases.
Sadly, this week cellphones were reentered to the Israeli education system by a report of a comity  that allow the use of cellphones (smart phones) for educational needs according to some limitation.

Followed is the text from the news website, translated to English by google translator:

Under limitations: The Ministry of Education returns the smartphones to classrooms

In Israel

The new school year will open in a few days, and the Ministry of Education intends to allow students to use cell phones during classes - but not fully. According to a committee of the Ministry of Education, students will be able to use the phones in flight mode or that every three students will use one cell phone.


he Ministry of Education will approve the use of smartphones as study aids, as opposed to the decision made last year.

Education Minister Naftali Bennett and his ministry's director general, Shmuel Abuav, wanted to return the use of smart phones to classrooms, but a special committee was set up to deal with the issue.

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Students will be able to use mobile phones, but in a limited way (illustration)
 Students will be able to use mobile phones, but in a limited way (illustration)   Photo: shutterstock 

According to the Ministry of Education's future plans, which have already been assimilated into many schools, pedagogic use will be made of the same phones, for example the use of flight mode or three students using one mobile device. However, the efficiency of using cell phones in this way is unclear. The Ministry of Education hopes that they will be able to receive new health opinions, which will allow more free use of mobile devices.

The Pedagogical Secretariat at the Ministry of Education has already prepared many programs for the use of mobile phones, programs that will be given to the younger generation so that the name will be used as a learning tool for everything - just like a board and chalk or notebook and pen. Despite the importance of the subject in the eyes of the Ministry of Education, it will enter its share in the coming school year only partially.

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