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Friday, June 16, 2017

How can people stand Radio Frequencies emitting devices in side the car?

I love consumer electronic.
I love audio systems.

2 years ago I even built my own set of floor stander Audio speakers to go with my Cambridge Audio Receiver and CD Player. I made sure they will be low ELF speakers (magnetically shielded) and I use low ELF speakers cables.
I also love Car audio systems.

4 years ago I got DVD+GPS unit for my old Mazda 3 car (which I since then sold). The device came with build in WIFI+Bluetooth card. It was not possible to turn the Bluetooth or WIFI OFF in this device. At the end, I had to removed after making sure it could not be turned OFF .

2 years ago I got an 4.4 Android car DVD+NAV system from my Mazda 6. This device allowed me to turn off the WIFI+Bluetooth from the GUI setup with no need to crack it open and remove the cards.

Few weeks ago I ordered an additional new Android DVD+NAV 2DIN system for my secondary car (my Fiat Panda). It cam by the mail few days ago, and tonight I managed to install it.
So far I found no way to turn the Bluetooth of this device off, and it keep scanning for devices, emitting RF radiation in side my partially RF protected Fiat Panda.
I relay hope to find a way to disable the Bluetooth without taring it open and taking the card or chips a part.

I can't imagine how people can drive with the Bluetooth and WIFI turned on inside their car, with a smart phone and not feeling the radiation, it is so strong, as specially if you have a 4G smartphone.
I imagine that even if they don't feel it, it effects them and reduce their driving capabilities and performance.  I am an EHS person, so I can't stand the radiation from the Bluetooth hand-free unit or the smart phone (if I had one) for more then few minutes, but other people drive with these devices scanning and transmitting in side the car metal box for house.

For more about EMF in cars, please press here...

In the picture above - an android multimedia
system that allows you to turn off the WIFI

Video - RF emission from a Bluetooth Hand-free unit in a car

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