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Friday, September 9, 2016

TV report on EHS - CH10 Israeli TV 08/09/2016

Yesterday (08/09/2016) at 21:20 a 1 hour TV report on EHS was aired on Israeli CH10.
The show is call "The True Faces - with Amnon Levi".
This report was called in the somewhat disappointing name "The True Faces of the fury profits".

Problematic Terminology

The report was named  populistic and bed connotation "The True Faces of the fury profits". During the report several world were used again and again by the host, Amnon Levi, in relation to the EHS persons that were in it, which I think were received by the viewers as native. Words like: "a company of people", "terrified from radiation", "hallucinatory?", "Persecuted sect", "the most extreme of them..." ...
I found the use of these words offensive, insulting and dis-grading

 In the picture above - PhD. Zamir Shalita explains that EHS is real

In the report

4 EHS people are interviewed in the report, Gal, Yael (alias name), Noa and myself. The focus was put on Gal and Yael which are in the most sensitive stage of EHS. I was in the worse level of EHS between 2004 and 2006, now I am much better. Noa's condition was not pictured as very bad, so she gets less focus. I think that the way we were presented to the viewer was not as I expected (to the worse). The report tried to show the worse cases as it was more sensational. 
In addition to us EHS, PhD. Zamir Shalita, Prof' Sigal Sedesky, Prof' Eitan Freedman, PhD Ali Sagi, Doron Growger and others were interviewed to the report.
We asked the production team to include aslo Prof' Eliue Richter and MD Yael Stain , but they chose not to include them.
An other thing that I think was missing in the article were studies that show that EHS is real and explanation of the main problems in the articles saying it's not. These were given and explained to the production team. 

In the picture above - Gal explains the first symptoms 
of EHS to a teenager that understand she feels it

The Exposure experiment

The production team asked every one of us EHS, to conduct an exposure experiment in which we were to be presented with 2 identical smartphone, one working and one not, so we will point out the one that is working. The experiment was flowed, risky and even unethical. 
All of us refused to take part. 
A recording was aired with part of what I said and explained about why we can't take part. In the part the was aired I explain that the experiment they wanted to do was flowed, will cause a regression to EHS people that will take part in it, and that a much complicated protocol is needed. Thy did not air the part in which I ask them to talk with scientist who did similar experiments. 

In the picture above - Myself explaining we are not a
 Persecuted sect but a persecuted minority 

In the picture above - Yael (alias name) explain
about here experiences as an EHS person

The Positive Side 

On the positive side the TV report caused a big echo. After the report ended, we 4 EHS took part in a web Q&A discussion on the programs' Facebook page. there were many questions and comments. Most of the comments and questions were positive and were answered by us 4 and other EHS people, up until 05:00AM.
Many people have reached out and called, emailed, contacted via facebook, some sent help request, some just being emphatic, and some with a good world. Many people asked to join our open and closed EHS ISRAEL Facebook groups.

In the picture above - Noa explain how
 she coop with being EHS

Another Brick In The Wall

All and all I congratulate the making of the report, regardless of all the above issues.
I hope that during the next few weeks and months, the report will contribute to raising awareness to EHS and the health risk of EMF exposure and will unable more people that suffer from symptoms while using their cellphone to understand that this is EHS and to do the right steps to improve their condition. 

The TV report (In Hebrew only) -


  1. Thanks for the post. It would be great if English subtitles could be added to the report video, as done previously. Regards.

    1. Hello and thanks for your comment.
      I will do this but it will take some time.
      All the best