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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Israeli CH10 New - WIFI in school - 30/08/2016

Yesterday , 30/08/2016, Israeli CH10 aired a sub 6 minutes report about the WIFI deployment in Israeli schools, the rolling of responsibilities for the test , the radiation levels and students health between the government bodies, about the radiation tests which are not valid and about some of the regulators who already know it will end badly.
The video (with English subtitles, please help improve the subtitle by suggestions and corrections) is available on my YouTube channel and bellow -

I would like to emphasize points about this TV report which make it such a good step forward:
1. The TV report shows to the citizens of Israel that the different government ministries are pushing the responsibility one to the other. Most people of Israel don't know about EMF or WIFI. Most people don't know about the health effect of RF. But most people have the ability to understand that when government ministries are pushing responsibility one to the other, something is very wrong.
2. The report brings the strong words of a world expert on the meter of environment health risks , Prof' Debra Davis, which are loud and clear about the health risk of RF and WIFI exposure and even talks about expected morbidity in kids if WIFI in schools will not be closed down. I would like to congratulate prof' Debra Devis on participating in such a way in this report. I hope her voice will be heard again in the future on the issues of WIFI in schools and EHS.
3. The TV report brings again to the public view that the RF tests done in schools are not suitable for WIFI testing and that the Ministry of Education is using them to convince the parents that the radiation level is OK and there is nothing to fear of.
Of course parents with EHS kids are not convinced by the outcomes of test reports, but other parents seems to think(or want to believe) that if the tests are OK then every thing is OK and there is no possible risk. It is very important to get the truth to these parents and I believe this TV report is doing that.

In addition I would like to note that I saw many positive views or this TV report from several parents to EHS kids, EHS people and other activist.

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