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Friday, May 27, 2016

New study from the NTP link cell phone radiation and cancer

The study showed that some of the rates that were exposed to RF (GSM and CDMA) developed Glioma and malignant Schwannoma of the heart. Non of the "not exposed" rates developed these tumors.
The rate were divided into 4 groups of exposure  SAR 0 (control), 1.5, 3 and 6. 
The exposure was for 2 years, 18 hours a day, 10 minutes On , 10 minutes Off.
The study is not the first that show these kind of results. But it is the first US government study that show them. This is the most important thing about this study, not the cost of the study, not the rates of cancer found, not the flaws or strong points. The only thing that counts is that this US government study actually prove what was seen on other non government studies and disprove the misleading believe that the only possible effect of non ionizing radiation such as RF is heat.

The Abstract -
Call press conference -
 From Microwave News website -
The first decent report of the study (other then microwave news report) come from the IEEE -
More reports came form the "Wall street Journal" - .
"Business Insider" -
"The Daily Mail" -
American Cancer Society -
Yahoo -

CBS news (a bit down playing the risk)-

ABC news (playing it down) -

NBC news -

This might indeed be "a game changer" or at least a very big brick in the wall.

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