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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Haifa municipality to turn OFF WIFI in schools - Good news or just a spin?

The Haida municipality (third biggest city in Israel that is known for its beautiful sites and dreadful air pollution) mayor, Mr Yona Yahav, announced this week that the city will turn Off all WIFI system in schools until the system will prove to be safe.

Unfortunately this could be just an other spin of mayor Yahav, as he get the media attention off the air pollution in Haifa and into a new subject. I am afraid that as was before on other issues, Yahav will announce in few days that he good all the info an reassurance that WIFI is safe, that the radiation levels are low and that all test are within safety standards and there for it is now OK to turn the WIFI back on.
Days will tell.

For the article report translated to English press here...

If you want  to write Mr, Yona Yahav, the mayor (,  mayor's office public inquiries ( and Reuven Kurman, the head of computer infrastructure in the education department of Haifa municipality, ( and tell them how WIFI makes you sick, please do so.


  1. Can you please tell me what has happened since? (From Jennifer Wood in the US. I think we were both in the same film and perhaps my enthusiasm about Haifa is only a delusion.) Are they installing hard-wired internet? Or has industry and its PR reps moved in with some sweet talk?

    1. Hello Jennifer.
      Nice to have you on my blog.
      Yes, we are both in the documentary ( with English Subtitles).
      Nothing happened since the declaration. There is no report from Haifa regarding the WIFI being turned OFF.
      All the best
      Amir Borenstein

  2. still nothing new from israel and no wifi suggestion??


    1. I talked to the man in charge and It seems they did turn the WIFI off. But there is a lot of opposition to this move and they make the ministry of education look bad, so I hope the decision will not change.