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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Knesset Children rights committee second meeting about exposure to radiation and screens

Yesterday I took part in the second Knesset Children rights committee meeting about exposure to radiation and screens time.
In this meeting, several specialist professionals from the medical, epidemiological and psychological fields express their worries of the deployment of RF emitting WIFI networks and tablets in schools and the growing screen time exposure of children in these schools.
M.D. Yael Stain argue that the exposures leads to learning disabilities and that there is an argent need to medically treat and diagnose the children who already suffer from the EMF exposure. Prof' Richter supported this request and reported that EHS kids and their parents already contact him. Prof' Yossi Meirovich, Ph.D Gadi Lisk, Pfor' Eitan Cerem reported about the addiction, mental problems, learning disabilities and psychological difficulties that can erupt after chronic exposure to screen time.

On the other hand the Ministry of Education representatives tried to convince the committee that the deployment is safe and is done while taking all the precautionary steps ass required. Ph.D Ofer Rimion, who lead the deployment informed the committee that all the RF tests that were done were OK.
I than explained the committee that the RF testing protocol and equipment is not suitable for WIFI testing and that the standard level that is considered to be OK is very high (ICNIRP) and based only on heat effect of the radiation. I explained that the RF testing equipment that is being used is very slow, sampling the RF levels only twice every seconds while the WIFI signal has a low duty cycle of less than 10%, meaning that there are thousands of very short pulses that "cover" only few mile Seconds out of each second. There for most of the chances are that when the RF meter sample the RF levels there will be not pulse and not transmission. These test will always show close to nothing - very low levels and will be "OK" according to the high not protective standard (ICNIRP).

In the video (with English sub title) - me speaking in the committee -

Picture by Ami Yacov - Repents and Activist in the meeting

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