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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Li-Fi - the future of wireless communication without RF radiation

LI-FI is a new wireless communication that is based on light. It is much faster then most Radio Frequencies(RF) based wireless communication and have much more flexibility and less interference.
Li-Fi is expected to hit the market in 3 years and I believe Li-Fi will be widely used in 10 years, eventually pushing out WIFI and other wireless communication methods based on RF.

I do think that Li-FI will have less health effect as the natural level of the visible and Infra Red light-radiation in these frequencies is high, which means most life forms have been subjective to it during evaluation and adjusted to it. This is compered to RF which the natural levels are millions of times lower than what we are exposed today).
In addition, simple clothes, fabrics, walls, filters, will be able to stop the LI-FI.
It might cause problems to people who suffer from skin problems, epilepsy and eye issues ( I am guessing here).
As we learn from past experience I doubt that Industry will test it the right way for health issues, and I am guessing they will still push it even if they will find that something is wrong. Buy even if this happens Li-Fi will most likely not pass the skin and eyes(RF does), and a simple fabric, sun glasses, house walls will be able to stop it(in RF you need special fabrics, hats, clothes and protection to stop it).

The above is my view on the meter, based on my knowledge in RF, EHS and consumer electronics.


  1. I'm afraid that Lifi will cause a lot of dirty electricity and spread information in the atmosphere that (once again) resonates in a wrong way with our cells. No one knows how our body will react to it and indeed no research will be done before imposing it to everyone :-(

    1. Hello and thanks for your comment.
      Yes it is possible that LiFi will have some health effect, but:
      1. we know for sure that RF is so far the most problematic way of wireless communication.
      2. protection will be easier
      3. the signals will not get into your house unless you want it to.
      I gust hope that RF will be acknowledge as not healthy and dangerous, then industry will find other less problematic ways to wireless communication.
      All the best

  2. lifi is faster than wifi and visible transmission of data. and it is secure than wifi. thanku for sharing the information related to lifi technology without RF radiation.for more deatails visit:LiFi office

  3. Which radiation ray is in WiFi.