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Friday, September 18, 2015

RF emission from Air Condition system - The internet of things is coming at you!

Few weeks ago we visit friends of us that live outside the city. We go there once every couple of weeks. It is a low RF environment, and the only problem is the airplanes flying above on their approach for landing in a nearby air port.
When we got there the guy, Ori, showed me their new air condition system and praised it. I did not pay to much attention.  During this visit I developed a serious headache, which was more that what I expected to feel from the airplanes over passing. I came back home feeling very sick. took me more than a night sleep to recover.
2 weeks ago, we visit them again. This time I was ready. I brought my EMF meter , the CORNET ED78S. As soon as we arrived I started searching for new RF devices inside the house. The meter showed a bit higher RF levels in the house, in comparison to the background level. I scanned the walls searching for the device that created these levels. After a few seconds I found it. It was their new SAMSUNG Air Condition. It seems that it has a WIFI control feature that allow you to control it from your smart phone. The Air Condition system emitted short RF transmissions every couple of seconds. The RF transmission was emitted as long as the Air Condition was connected to the power lines, even when the system was turned off.
I tried to take the cover apart and to find the WIFI card in the air condition but was unsuccessful (for now).
This is how it looks like -

The Air condition system is part of a overgrowing line of products, that used to be "no risk" for EHS people as they did not emitted any RF, and that are now being "upgraded" to have WIFI capabilities both for control functions and communication. It is nicked name "The Internet of Things". Along this line you can find light bulbs with wireless capabilities, refrigerators, smart TVs,  DVB-T set-top boxes, smart remote controls, security cameras and many more.
Our recommendation is to avoid buying these products and to keep you house clear of RF emitting devices.

05/2017 - we managed to call a technician to disconnect the WIFI module.
In the following link Samsung shows how to reach the module -

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