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Thursday, June 25, 2015

What is the RF protection lining for baseball hats and how to use it?

If you ever asked your self, what is this very cheap product that claim to be a RF protection for your head, for as law as US$15, how does it work and how should I use it, this video is for you.
In this 10 minutes video I will show how to stitch the lining to a baseball hat and will explain all about it.
The lining is available in 62cm size, 68cm size and 75cm size.
There is also a modal for Legionnaire hat and wide edge hats
All offering the best RF protection for just a fraction of the cost of an RF protection hat.

Stitching a BC240 RF Protection Lining to a Nike baseball hat - short version

More videos:
Preview and rad test for the baseball lining -
Preview and rad test for the wide edge hat lining -

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