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Monday, April 20, 2015

How come Chuck McGill could not scenes the electric bed on the hospital scene on episode 5 of "Better Call Saul"?

Spoiler alert - this post include info from episodes 5,7, 8,9 of the first season of "better Call Saul".

Many people ask "How come Chuck McGill could not sense the electric bed in the hospital scene on episode 5 (26:00) of "Better Call Saul?". In this scene, Chuck McGill is in a hospital, surrounded by electric and electronic devices, probably including wireless devices. He is in acete EHS condition, with open eye, but seems to be out of consciousness. His brother, Jimmy McGill then find him and try to turn off all the equipment and remove all cellphones from the people around. After a minute of so Chuck returns to consciousness. The doctor then start to talk with him and in the mean time, turn the electric bed back ON. Since Chuck McGill does not react to the electric bed the Doctor, as some of the media, blogs and sites, conclude and explain that this is a proof that his sickness (EHS - Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity) is not real.

EHS people are not an EMF meter
Most people, even scientists fail to understand that EHS people are not EMF meters. An EMF person can sense one type of EMF  (CDMA or UMTS cellphone radiation for example) but will not react to other types of EMF (for example ELF magnetic and electric fields from electric beds).

Even when it comes to the type of EMF that the person is reacting to, in the first few seconds of exposure he may not feel it. It might take some time for the pain or symptoms to appear, according to this person sensitivity. Once the symptoms appear the person will be suffering for some time, even if the exposure ends.

Once symptoms appear and while the symptoms decline in strength after the exposure ends, the EHS person might be oblivious or none responsive to other exposure or to changes in the exposure (type or strength).

This happens to me (and I am an EHS person) all the time. I for example, can not stand GSM signal from mobile phones, RF signal from DECT phones even from 10 meters. But I can be exposed to RF from UMTS or CDMA phones from about 2 meters for several minutes. In addition I will react to WIFI or ELF magnetic fields usually after a few minutes and up to an hour, depending on the strength of the EMF. I for example, would be able to sit for more than a few minutes on the hospital bed before sensing that something is wrong, but use a GSM phone 10 meters from me and I will feel really bad after less than 10 seconds.

There for the fact that Chuck McGill did not react to the electric bed does not mean his condition is not real or caused by EMF exposure.

Remarkable recovery?

As seen in the later episodes of "Better Call Saul", Chuck McGill gets a bit better. First, Chuck starts to practice on going out (episode 7 - 08:20), a bit more every time. Then finds himself completely outside the house for a few seconds (episode 8, 45:30 -46:35 ). On the start of episode 9, Chuck and his brother spend a few minutes outside the house sitting on a bench. Later on on episode 9 (around 20:00) Chuck even attend a meeting in his law firm (armed with a Jacket with Myler lining for RF protection) without losing his consciousness.

Is that really possible or does it prove his condition was only psychosomatic? - No it does not.

EHS people can get better

The first step of getting better is to reducing exposure to EMF. The process involves making EMF measurements, getting rid of all RF emitting devices, using low EMF emitting devices, in some case cutting off the electricity entirely (as in Chuck's case). An important step is using EMF protection in order to protect the house from EMF coming from outside and protecting yourself (RF Protection clothes) when going into the EMF reach environment. Then you need to try and get healthier in any other way: changing your diet, getting rid of metal dental fillings, detox, and every possible way.

Mental training

One of the most effective things I did in order to get better (or stop the decline of my condition) was to break the bio-mental feedback. The thing is that people usually experience pain and suffering in 2 ways, physiological and mental. Every time you will think about the pain and the suffering and of being a victim, this might influence your sensitivity in a way that you will become more and more sensitive. The way to face that is to try and break the bio-feedback cycle and try not to experience a mental pain. Try to concentrate on good things, on successes, on making a positive step forward in a way that the possible bio feedback will overcome the negative bio-feedback. For example, every time I am in pain, I try to think of the good things I will do when the pain will fade-out, and then do it. My EHS and EMF awareness activities serve as a positive bio feedback to my condition as an EHS person.

So, EHS people can get better (usually not a full recovery but a lot better), and Chuck's McGill recovery does not prove his condition is psychosomatic!

The hospital scene - episode 5 (26:00)


  1. Its really interesting to read your comments. I've been researching EHS as a 'trauma' reaction that is triggered by EMR. The trauma experiences can be from being in the womb and related to connecting to ones surroundings and is then re-triggered in EHS as it matches the original experience in some way. I noticed this theory also fit what you have said about Bio-mental feedback, healing trauma is about building a part of ones experience that is outside the trauma reaction (and therefore can be described as positive).
    This theory can also explain many different reactions of EHS sufferers.e.g. where the original experience was very powerful (highly overwhelming) it maybe difficult to find any positivity beyond the trauma reaction. Many thanks, Av

    1. Thanks for your reply....It is important to understand that most EHS people may develop post trauma condition because the pain they experience, and not the other way around.

  2. All wires with a current will radiate electromagnetic energy. So yeah, the bed will transmit energy to the body. In fact, using the inversed square rule of EM radiation, the lights above him exponentially lose energy at a greater rate than the wires embedded in the hospital bed, so they likely affected him more.

    1. In general, yes you are right, but it is also dependable on how much EMF the bed and the lights emits in the first place.
      If the lights emitted more EMF than the bed, then the bed might have less effect or slower effect than the light, even if it is closer.