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Friday, December 26, 2014

EHS people making headlines in Israel - again - 26/12/2014

EHS people making headlines in Israel - again

An article by Smadar Salton, in ISRAEL-TODAY (wide distribution free daily newspaper) brings the story of 8 EHS people in Israel, me (Amir Borenstein) and Attorney Dafna Tachover  included. In addition to them, PhD Zamir Shalita and Prof Elihu D Richter are interviewed, both acknowledging the existence of EHS and it being caused by radiation exposure.
The importance of this article, other than the wide distribution, is that is shows that EHS is a wide phenomena and not just the misfortune of several people from extreme background. It is important that people who are EHS and don’t know what EHS is, will understand that they need to reduce exposure and use of wireless devices.
In the end of the article appears the comments of the ministry of health, education, environmental, local municipalities and cellphone company’s forum.
Link to a google translate -

I hope EHS people all over the world will get active and continue to bring their story to the press, TV, radio and to the wide public.

Pictures form the article by Yehoshua Yosef
The article cover photo

One of the EHS person, homeless searching for place to leave without EMF

Mani - an EHS person - "every house I go into I check the EMF levels"  

Amir Borenstein, an EHS person and activist - "Wearing RF protection hat (and jacket),
became center point for EHS support".

Attorney Dafna Tachover - EHS person and activist  - "lunched an appeal to the supreme
court in Israel to stop the deployment of WIFI in schools".

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