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Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Faraday Cage/Tent/Sleeping Shelter for EHS people

Please note that the info shared here is being shared in order to inform you of a cheap way to build a Faraday cage. Please note that if you do so, you take full responsibility over the design, building and using the cage. In addition Faraday cages my not work for everyone.

The Story:
Few months back an EHS person named Chaya (, contacted me and asked for directions, tips and for some RF blocking net fabric. She had a Sukka (a Sukka is a field house built in one of the Jewish holidays, remembering the Sukkot houses that the people of Israel built during their 40 years journey in the desert) frame made from metal that can be opened and closed very fast and can be adjusted to the size needed. Here idea was to use the frame to build a Faraday cage so she could sleep better. She used to live in Chicago but was planing to move away because the deployment of smart meters. She needed a compact, folding solution for the road and for when she will find a new place to live in.
I helped here with the design of the shelter/cage and getting and RF meter and the best suitable fabric.

The design:
Chaya wanted a small folding Faraday cage with minimum fabric (so it will be cheaper).
When the frame was fully opened it was 1.8 meter long, 1.2 meter wide, and 1.8 meter tall.
Later on, in order to save on the fabric we decided to cut the height of the cage to 1.2 meters.

In the next picture the frame is in black color, the calculation of the needed fabric is in green and the stitching of the fabric in in blow color (the purple marks the stitches and the red strips are the ribbons that should be stitched to the fabric in order to secure it to the frame).

The Frame: - not fully opened, cost 225$
You can make your own frame using wood.

pictures from the site above

The Fabric:
The selected fabric was New Day Lite, that will bring 25db reduction of the RF levels and will be easier to breath true. We design the fabric stitches to be as strong and durable as possible and also to have as minimum stitches as possible.

After a lot of planing, drawing, thinking and rethinking,  Chaya ordered 6 linear meters of the New Day  lite fabric, and a RF blocking mat.
Fabric and mat total was 627$ (please contact me at if you want to order).

If you chose to make the frame out of wood, you can start with a metal mosquito net (need to be grounded) as a temp cheap solution, but the fabric is better and safer.

The fabric should be placed on top of the frame and should be tied to the frame.

The grounding of the cage:
I recommended to ground only the frame , as the fabric is very delicate and don't need grounding (good grounding will improve the performance and will dispose of the electric charge). Don't use the electric ground and check the ground for micro currents and stray voltage before you use it.

They pictures were taken by Chaya


  1. Like it. A couple of questions. Can you easily get in and out without leaving a gap? What protection do you get from the follow below?

    For more ideas check out to see what world class experts are saying.

    1. @ALISON
      After you get in you should be able to easily close the gap.
      Under the frame there is a special RF blocking mat.


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  3. chaya seems to be a very clever woman, technically. For me it looks like VERY complicated to build. wow.