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Monday, March 12, 2012

Is it possible that people in reality TV shows are exposed to RF 24X7?

In the last few days there have been a loud discussion in the Israeli news about if and why residence of the big brother reality TV show were given anti stress pills by the program's psychiatrist. The claims where brought up by a past resident of the programme who filed a lawsuit against the psychiatrist Dr. Ilan Rabinovich, who gave him and other residents anti stress psychotic pills to ease the "up and down" and the mental pressure they were in. Following this resident, several more spoke up that they were also given psychiatric pills. The pills were given in order to ease the "up and down" and the mental pressure they were in.

I did not watch any of these TV programs (being too busy as an EHS fighter), but when I saw few minutes of it, I noticed that everyone on the show has a wireless voice transmitter attached to his/her hip. These transmitters emit high levels of RF 24/7 (as the show is 24/7). I immediately thought to myself "could such exposure to RF EMR lead to symptoms of EHS and radiation sickness?" Some of the participants complained about headaches, burning sensations and other RF exposure related symptoms..

If the residents were suffering from RF sickness and the doctor gave them anti stress psychotic pills, this is the same treatment as many EHS around the world being offered since many doctors still wrongly consider EHS to be a psychotic mental condition.

I wrote a post on my Hebrew blog, which found itself on the front page of (Israeli blogs and forums portal) for several hours, because it was the editor's choice. The post explains all about RF sickness and EHS and the condition in which the residence of the big brother TV show found themselves in.

The post can be found at:

You might need to use Google translator to read it:

In the picture above, the wireless voice transmitter

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