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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

smart & radiating wireless water meters in Modien - Israel

Few days ago, yours truly and another anti radiating activist went on the hunt to the city of Modein in Israel. We wanted to measure RF EMR from wireless water smart meters and form its infrastructure.

Picture – the wireless smart and radiating water meters.

We found several smart & radiating wireless water meters and measured them. The levels next to the meter were higher than 100uW/cm2 (near field measurement not too accurate) and 1 meter away from it the level was ~1uW/cm2. Each meter transmitted a short burst every 30 seconds. We saw that exact same meters also in the city of Ramat Gan few day before.

Picture – The collector's antennas.

Picture – The collector's cabinet.

We found also the collectors of these meters. The collectors were all around the city. Each one has 3 antennas, 2 none directional and one directional. My guess is that the small none directional antenna is for receiving all the meters, the directional antenna is used to transmit the collected data to the water company and the second none directional antenna is used to receive the control and commands from the water company. We were not successful in measuring the RF radiation levels from the collectors and it antennas.

In addition we found small wireless devices on top of some of the electric light polls in the street. My guess is that these are small repeaters that receive the signal from nearby water meter and transmit it to the nearest collectors. These devices included a none directional antenna, an electronic unit and a solar power panel.

Picture - the repeater

The below video clip (subtitles in English) show the measurment from the meters:

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