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Sunday, January 24, 2010

New clip - radiation from a mobile phone and a wired earpiece.

In this movie clip I tried to answer the following question "is it true that when using a wired earpiece some of the mobile phones radiation is carried on the wire to the user head?"

In order to answer this question I did 2 measurements of the electromagnetic radiation 100 cm away from the phone, first with a wired earpiece and the second with using the speaker phone option of the phone.

In both measurements the mobile phone was places 100 cm away from the EMR meter. 100 cm is the max possible distance that a use can keep from the mobile phone when using a wired earpiece, because the length of the cable. The measurement does not represent the amount of radiation a "normal" user will be exposed to since most people hold the mobile phone in their hand or on their body while using the wired earpiece or the speaker phone option. A "safe user" should try to keep the mobile phone as far as possible from his body when using it.

The measurements show that when using the wired earpiece the user is exposed to more radiation when using the speaker phone option when the phone is 100 cm away from the head/meter. In both cases the radiation levels are a lot lower than when putting the mobile phone next to the users head. The measurement shows that some of the radiation emitted by the mobile phone is transferred over the earpiece wire to the user head.

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