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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What does smoking and using the cell phone have in comman?

This clip compares between cigarette smoking and cell phone usage. In the clip Dr Magda havas explain the similarities between smoking and using the cell phone and about the future price we will all pay for the obsessive use on the cell phone.


  1. Owning a cell phone is not just about making calls. It's also a social prop. I think it would be fun to look at it. We should always be alert to any factor that may increase or decrease youth smoking. The mobile phone has a niche in teen-agers' lives that occupies the same place as cigarettes. It meets the same needs.

  2. I Think it is filling people (not just kids) need to be popular, if you get more calls and SMS people must like you or need you.

    But it turns them into none social person when it comes to one on one. I often see couple setting next to each other in a bar or a coffee shops, and each one of them is using the cell phone instead of being with each other.