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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Study charts links between mobile phones, tumors

A New study analysis was published today (14/10/09) about the link between cell phone use and the risk of cancer. The Scientists analyzed the metadata of 23 studies that initially showed no connection between cell phone use and cancer. The studies were divided into 2 groups, high quality research and the other. The analyses of the high quality research showed that the people who use cell phone have a 10 to 30 percent higher risk for brain tumor, compared with people who rarely or never use cell phones.
In addition the study point out 2 interesting facts:
During the analysis of the Meta data from the 23 studies, it has become clear that 8 of the studies were “high quality” studies while the rest suffered from systematical problems and where identified as “low quality studies”. The “low quality” studies were mostly sponsored by the cell phone industry while 7 out of the 8 “high quality studies” were done by Dr. Lennart Hardell. In addition, some of the “low quality” studies showed that cell phone users as less likely to develop cancer, a conclusion that does not goes hand in hand with common sense.

Links to the acticals:,0,3949576.story;_ylt=Ag.JTmR7CGw3NZ2xyLiwlT4er7sF

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